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The Thin Veil

The Thin VeilIn between the spirit world and our world is called liminal space.  This means that there is a threshold that has a space of time and space between the spiritual world and the physical world and this is called a veil.  This can be in October, November and the days that are close to Halloween and Samhain.  This is when the veil is the thinnest and the time you can connect with the spirt the most.

People and Places

When the veil is thin then this means the elements of the earth such as fire and air meet and this is where the veil is thin and people can connect.  This is a larger space and this is when the veil is lifted and the places are familiar to people.  This can be the places on the earth such as Stonehenge where people can meet with the ancient people.

Samhain is the last harvest and the beginning of the New Year and a time when summer and winter are in harvest.  This is a time to celebrate Halloween, but the thinning can even start in September because it is the Virgo season.

Opportunities When it is Thin

If you are a psychic, you can connect with the spirit the best during this season.  There are places in your own life where the veil will be lifted, and it can allow you to connect with the spirit world.  If you take quiet moments, then you will see that there are times when you can celebrate your spiritual connections more.

Psychic Abilities

If you do not look or explore your abilities, then you will not be as open to the abilities or aware of the ones you have.  This can cause your energy to drain and you to not have the boundaries that you need.  IF you choose this, take time to ground yourself and to ground your energies and make sure you are pure.

When the world changes, it can cause people to change and when time is lifting, there is less sensitivities to the world and the spirit world.  The more you use your gifts the better it can be for everyone to connect with the spirit world around us.

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