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Tools of Divination

Tools of Divination for Psychics

We all have a path and destiny that we are meant to be on. The great thing is that there are different tools that you can use to help you to know what your future holds. You can use different tools of divination just like the psychics use and you can use them on your own to better your life.

Spirit Boards

A spirit board is also called a Ouija board. This is a board that helps you to channel spirits and can be used if you ever choose to do a séance.

You can make your own board, but you need to be careful because it can bring in spirits that you don’t want to have to deal with. Talk to a professional about this.


Runes are stones that have different carvings on it. You can do rune casting and it can be used to tell your past, present and future.

You can even use runes to ask questions and to get answers you need.

L-Shaped Rods

You can use pendulums and L or Y shaped rods that you can use for dowsing. Dowsing is something that helps you to tell the future.

You can also use these rods to help you to open up your chakras and to heal your aura.

Psychic Cup

Tea leaf reading is a way that someone can use the tea that they are drinking in order to tell the future. The person that is doing the reading will take their tea and will swirl it around.

The teas that are left in the cup will dump them out on a plate and will look at the shapes to determine the answers for you.

Scrying Bowl

This is a tool that can be used for scrying. Scrying is when you look hard at something, and you can get an image. There are crystals and crystal balls or water that you can use to do these readings.


A pendulum can be used to answer you with yes or no questions. You can also use these to balance your chakras and to help you to increase your aura.

There are different tools that you can use when you make a pendulum and they can be wood, crystals or other things.

Crystal Balls

A crystal ball is a dome shape and can be used for scrying. You can use mirrors too to help you with this kind of reading.

Tarot Cards

There are many different tarot card decks that you can choose to do a tarot reading. These have different cards with different pictures on them.

You can use these cards in order to tell the past, present or future.

Planetary Charts

You can use the ephemeris chart to know where the planets and the stars lie. People that use stars to gaze at are often into astrology. There are many books you can find to help you with this kind of reading.


There are different shapes and other things that can raise your chi. You can use these to talk to your angels and your guides. These are great for meditation, and you can use them to help you be more aware.

Merkabah are different shapes of stones that come in crystal or metals. There are other things including Merkava and Merkavah.


Fortune tellers often use games of dice in order to know things. There are dice that have 12 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses on them.

As an astrologer, you can learn the symbols of the planets and signs and they can give you different meanings in your life.


There are different tools of divination that you can use to help you to know things about your life. Find out more about tools online or talk to a psychic to get answers.

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