Understanding Relationship Types

Relationship Types

There are different types of relationships and there are people that are different depending on who they are. Some people are passionate, and some people want long-term romance in their life. Some like to just have sex.

Different types of relationships can change over time, but they are what show how satisfied someone is when it comes to being happy. Romance happens and this is something that keeps people satisfied for a long time where sex might keep people happy for just a little bit of time.

What is the Difference Between Passionate Love and Romance?

Being in a romantic relationship means that you feel secure with your partner. You have someone that is committed to you, and you talk to each other, and you are able to have strong sexual chemistry. You love to satisfy each other in and out of bed and you might be adventurous together. You love to kiss and hold each other, hold hands, write each other notes and there is always comfort with each other.

Passionate love is something that has obsession in it. It is a time that you are with someone, but you are on and off or hot and cold. You like to be with someone in bed, but you might not want to hold hands or people to even know that you are together. You might feel insecure or jealous and you want to hug and kiss the person but not commit. You also don’t want them to commit to someone else.

Having passionate love is something that is only going to satisfy you when it comes to short term relationships. These don’t last forever, and they have a lot of anxiety and stress behind them because you are never secure or feeling that you are loved.

What is the Difference Between Companionship and Romance?

Long term relationships will sound like people that are best friends. Some relationship are just best friends and there isn’t anything wrong with having a best friend. If someone is a best friend, then they make things easy, and it is relaxing to be with them. They are there to help you and they aren’t full of jealousy or obsession. There also isn’t going to be sexual chemistry in this but the relationship will be satisfying for the long term.

Companionship means that you are grounded, and you are secure. You have a great friend that comes into your life, and they help you and you are comfortable with them. They communicate well with you and even though there is no sex or romance, there is sometimes playfulness and sometimes passion.

Companionship can sometimes turn into romance. When this happens, there is sex that comes into the relationship. This can cause the relationship to end and be hurtful later down the line.

Romance and Friendship

When you understand your relationship then you will be more satisfied with hit. There can’t be a friendship and a lot of passion in it, or it will likely end and turn sour. There has to be security in a relationship or a partnership. When you want to be with someone, do they want to settled own and is the relationship stable? Sometimes when a relationship is passionate, it can become romantic, and this is when you need to talk about what you need with your partner and find out what they need. Sometimes this works but other times it is just a bunch of painful ups and downs, and you eventually need to separate.

Companionship relationships are easier to fix when something goes wrong. If the friendship is good and romance gets in the way, they can get this back in line and fix the friendship and learn to not cross boundaries. Romance doesn’t always come with companionship and there has to be effort and devotion before it would ever work out. But, if you are in a relationship that is mature, you will be more satisfied than by just being passionate with someone all the time.