Understanding What Karmic Relationships Are

Understanding What Karmic Relationships Are

There are many people that are in karmic relationships and that is not always a good thing. A karmic relationship means that you have made a contract with that soul in a different life and the relationship can be friendships, family members, lovers or even coworkers. These relationships that are karmic relationships are normally romantic in nature.

The people that you made this contract within a different life might have been married and you cheated with them or it might have been someone that you made a lover, and your soul experienced this relationship in a past life.

Being in a Karmic Relationship

Here are some ways you can know if you are in a karmic relationship:

  • You do not understand your past relationship.
  • You have the same relationship patterns over and over.
  • You do things that you would never have done before.
  • You feel that you are stuck in the relationship and cannot get out.
  • You feel that your past relationships were pointless.
  • You are letting your partner take a lot of your energy.

If you have had these things happen to you, most likely you were in a karmic relationship. These kinds of relationship more than likely picked up negative karma over the lifetimes and when you are together again, this relationship is often negative. This is why karmic relationships are sometimes called soul contracts.

Different Soul Contracts

Soul contracts come from issues that you have had in your past life. This can mean that you needed healed, or you needed someone to protect you and so you had intimate relationships. These soul contracts are not always romantic.

When a soul meets for the first time, they might have stopped a soul contract. This can also be one sided. The soul contract will be a positive thing at first and you will love each other and commit to each other. Soul contracts are not positive though like people think. A soul contract means that you and your partner put in a life force to make this contract. Both partners used their energy to make this love happen.

You do not want to use all of your life force or your energy to make someone be with you. This is why soul contracts are negative and why anyone can have this kind of contract with someone.

The soul contract will make you separate from the universe and then you will not have a positive or appropriate relationship. You will use too much of your energy to cause this to happen and the more you do it, the more separate you become from the universe. This is what makes a soul contract negative. No one should want to be separated but they should use their life force to bring oneness or abundance.

Shared Negative Karma

Karma means that you are following the universe law of cause and effect. No matter the choices that you make, rather good or bad, they will affect you in your life. You will see consequences of your action. The choices that you make in your life will affect all of your karma and this includes relationships that are both god and bad. When you make a choice in a relationship you have consequences for you and your partner.

When you share negative karma, it means that one or both of you made a choice in your previous life and this caused negative karma to come to you. This can be things like being too dependent on each other, being guilty of things, etc. This causes negative karma.

The choices that you made can bring about traumatic events in your life and can cause you to experience things such as abuse or other bad experiences.

Both of the souls will carry the negative karma into the next life and the souls are still on the same vibrations. They will keep attracting the same situations over and over again until they are able to meet together in the same lifetime and get rid of the karmic tie. The negative karma will keep coming to your relationships until that happens.

Soul Contract and Negative Karma

If you are already in a soul contract and you have negative karma that happens each time you meet that soul, you are adding up karma. There are thousands of experiences that you have, and you need to reach your highest good. When you see relationships are pointless and you keep making things happen when you need to move on, you are building up the karma.

This is hard to understand and when you feel that you have met someone that you have known forever, this means that your soul and your partners souls are recognizing each other because of the time that you spent together.

Getting Past Karmic Relationships

Breaking up will not get rid of your karmic relationship. You have to learn to understand that you have a choice to be in a relationship or to move out of it. You have to understand that you are able to make choices for yourself and you have free will.

A karmic relationship means that you have a soul contract with negative karma. It was your choice to be in this soul contract.

When you want to work through karmic situations, you cannot just break up or you will end up back together. You will keep doing the same patterns over and over with the same issues.

Energy Cords

You have to get down to the root of your karmic relationship. You have to figure out your highest good and what you can do to get over this karmic relationship. You have to make a way to clear the root of the problem and then walk away.

If you keep experience patterns in your life, you are attracting the same energies, this means that you have a karmic root that you need to take care of.

This requires more than just breaking up with someone and you have to be aware of your karmic ties and the negative karma that comes with it. You have to break the energy cord.

Finishing a Karmic Relationship

Once you are able to understand karma, you can learn to find out your life force energy. You can reach our highest good and get rid of negative karma. You can clear your soul contract and move on. In order to do this, there are lessons that you have to learn and once you do, you can raise your vibrations. This means you will begin to attract different people and different relationships. That means that you won’t be in the same pattern.

When you complete a karmic relationship, this means you are able to figure out what happened and move forward in a positive way. You will be able to recognize the person and the ties, and you will be able to release the negative energies.

There are different ways to get rid of your karmic relationships and to understand our soul. You have to understand the energetic bonds and the blockages that you share with this person. You have to clear these things and then you can get free from the boundaries that this relationship has caused you.

Clear the Root

Ask yourself what you can learn from this situation and as you do that and learn, you are clearing the blockages in your life. Make sure you have a good attitude and that you are behaving appropriately along the way.

As you raise your energy, you will get things done in your life and you will see that you have more energy than ever before. You will see that you are able to increase your psychic giftings and find happiness in your life and your relationships.