Use Colors to Balance Your Chakra Energies

Chakra Energies

Do you feel that your mind, body or soul is off and you aren’t feeling like your best self? If so, you might have some kind of chakra blockages. If this happens, there is something called color therapy.

Color therapy is a type of therapy called chromotherapy and it is when light is used to help to increase the energies in the body.

Light is full of energy and when light works with other things, there are colors. Each color has its own wavelength and therefore each color has its own kind of energy. For example, red and yellow have different vibrational frequencies that they work on. Chromotherapy is a way that you can use colors to balance your energy.

Understanding Colors

Colors can affect your mind, body, and soul. Colors are powerful and even the colors that you wear can affect your mood. When you wear red, it might make you feel more energetic and powerful. If you are in a green room, it might make you feel calm.

There are other things that have to do with color therapy such as when you wear black, you might be mourning. If you want to heal your chakras, you need to pay attention to the colors around you.

Chakra Colors

All of the chakras are represented by a different color. Here is a list of the colors and the chakras:

  • Root chakra: Red.
  • Sacral chakra: Orange.
  • Solar plexus: Yellow.
  • Heart chakra: Green.
  • Throat chakra: Blue.
  • Third eye chakra: Indigo.
  • Crown chakra: White or violet.

If you need to fix one of your chakras and to balance it, it is important that you wear a color that is associated with that chakra.

Chakras and the Body

Here are the body parts that the chakras relate to:

Root Chakra

• Kidneys.
• Genitals.
• Spine.
• Bones.
• Legs.
• Feet.
• Anus.
• Urethra.

Sacral Chakra

• Pelvis.
• Reproductive organs.
• Urinary tract.
• Small intestine.
• Kidneys.
• Sexual organs.
• Back.
• Colon.
• Spleen.

Solar Plexus Chakra

• Liver.
• Spleen.
• Stomach.
• Diaphragm.
• Metabolism.
• Pancreas.

Heart Chakra

• Lungs.
• Ribs.
• Hands.
• Wrists.
• Circulation.
• Heart.
• Thymus.

Throat Chakra

• Jaw.
• Thyroid.
• Arms.
• Throat.
• Neck.
• Mouth.
• Nose.
• Vocal cords.

Third Eye Chakra

• Pituitary gland.
• Nervous system.
• Mind.
• Nose.
• Ears.
• Eyes.

Crown Chakra

• Nervous system.
• Brain.
• Pineal gland.
• Mind.
• Head.

Using Colors to Heal the Chakras

You can use chormotherapy as a way to help with your chakras. Using color therapy can help you to open up your chakras. There are ways that you can use this to bring balance and this can happen by wearing a color that is associated with your blocked chakra.

You can also eat foods of that color, burn that color candle, meditate and visualize the colors, or incorporating the colors in your everyday living.

There are different ways that you can balance your chakras by using colors. Notice which color works with the chakra that you need to have balanced and try something useful.