Using a Crystal Ball

Using a Crystal Ball

When you want to use a crystal ball, one of the first things that you need to think about is the area that you are going to practice using your crystal ball. Make sure that you have a room that is dark or has very little light. Play some quiet music in the background and burn some incense. Make sure that the light and the smell infiltrates your mind.


Make sure that you have the crystal ball sat in front of a candle. This can give you some additional light. You can also use a candle that has a colored flame so that you can bring peace to the room. Purple or blue are a good choice.


You can use incense in your room, and this is something that can be a tradition or your own thing. Try incense such as Sage, Frankincense and Sandalwood.


When you are going to do any kind of reading, you need to make sure that the area is prepared. Try to talk to the spirit guides and let your noise be minimal. Think with your mind and speak to them.

When your spirit guide wants to give you information, you can be aware of this in your mind and you need to remain quiet and think on what they say to you.

Take time to reflect on what they are saying to you. Ask them to guide you and learn to relax. You can even do something relaxing beforehand such as go for a walk barefoot in nature or take a salt bath. Let the calmness and peace come into you and take away your troubles before you do your reading.

What to Expect

You should expect things to happen because expecting things is looking forward to something, but the problem is that when some people expect, they expect there to be a certain outcome. You should not expect things to go a certain way because you need to let the spirit give you the answers that are true.


Take time to practice gazing into the ball. Practice until you are able to discipline yourself to be patient and to be relaxed. Once you feel this patience, you can exercise doing this and keep trying until you can be quiet and relaxed.

When the room is lit and the incense is burning, you can sit comfortably in an area where you can hold the crystal ball with both of your hands.

If you decided to light a candle behind it, it will give you a chance to see into the ball. Look into the ball for a few minutes and allow your eyes to adjust to the area and the ball.

How does the crystal ball make you feel?  Do you feel connected to the ball or do you feel that you have something moving inside of you? Do you have a tingling feeling? Put the ball back onto the stand and let the reading start.

The crystal ball should sit in the stand in front of you where you can stare at it at a comfortable height. Try not to blink or look away and gaze at it as long as you can. Let your mind be clear.

When you look deeply into the ball, a mist should form, and it means that you have made a connection with the spirit world. Be very still and let the door to the other side open. Keep staring and stay calm and relaxed. When the mist clears, you can allow yourself to see pictures that form in the ball.

There might be images that pop up that you did not expect to see, and these can be strong messages to you. You might see a single picture or have a feeling and you need to try to make sense of what the picture is trying to tell you.

Do not stop concentrating and do not jump to conclusions. Let the picture tell you what it means and when the images fade, it is time for you to consider what you just saw. You may notice that you are very thirsty and tired once the pictures go away.


Once you see the images fade, take a drink of water to give you energy and write down what you saw. Put this on a piece of paper and write down all that you noticed.


Reading a crystal ball and gazing into it takes a lot of practice. You may have to do it over and over again and you need to be very patient. Allow your mind to be quiet and clear when you are gazing into the crystal ball sot that you can allow your mind to be free and see more images. The crystal ball will be like a movie screen for you.

Our mind is very receptive and accepts what it is feeling and hearing without stopping it. Sometimes we do not even know what we can get out of the ball and our mind will absorb everything that it comes in contact with.

This happens because our mind is part of our body that connect with our higher self and this allows us to be more conscious of what is going on in our lives.