How to Tell if You will End up Heart Broken

End up Heart Broken

Dating is hard. It’s not just hard; it’s nerve-wracking. You never know when you go on a date if it will work or won’t or if you are going to invest time, make-up, and hair products only to get your heart broken.

If only there were a way to figure out if someone is going to break your heart.

It turns out there are a few signs to look for to determine whether or not your heart will survive.

Some things to be aware of include meeting the family, how he treats you, and if he is still in contact with his ex.

A terrific indicator is if he tells you straight out that he is not looking for a relationship. This is a very clear sign.  Suppose he tells you that he is not looking for anything serious.  Sometimes a man will say this to see if you are truly interested. It’s a big trap to fall into, so be wary.

  • He can’t decide one way or the other.   So don’t look for excuses if he waffles between being sweet and available and being aloof and cold. His interests clearly lie elsewhere, and it is not with you.
  • He avoids your family.  If he doesn’t want to join you on any family outings, it means that he is trying to remain removed so that he doesn’t have to introduce you to his family.  This doesn’t mean that he has a big secret to hide just because he doesn’t want to go to your Aunt Edna’s funeral. If he continually avoids family affairs, that’s a big warning sign
  • A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This is all well and good for Shakespeare, but if he won’t refer to you as his girlfriend or date, he is distancing himself from you.
  • No phone calls, please. If he doesn’t answer his phone when you are around, or even if it’s not in plain sight is not always a bad thing. He may have excellent manners and is trying to focus on you.  However, if he is edgy every time his phone rings and he sneaks away to look at a text or answer a call, he could be juggling a few relationships and is not ready to settle for one.
  • He’s a dreamer: He always talks about things he is going to do. It could be planning for the two of you in the future or plans he has of whisking you away on vacation, or even the home he hopes the two of you will share once he gets a big promotion. If he makes big plans but doesn’t do anything to make them happen.  He is not deeply rooted in the realities of nurturing a relationship
  • He keeps in contact with his exes.  He may be the nicest guy in the world who is genuinely interested in maintaining friendships with everyone in his life, or he could just not be over the relationship he had with his ex or exes. He may be comparing you to them or may not be ready to embark on something new. He can only commit to you when he lets them go.
  • He turns to you for advice over and over and over

If he constantly complains and comes to you with a litany of events in which he was wronged, be warned. He may never see you as anything but a friend to whom he can vent.  It’s nice to be needed, but not if you need more than that.