What Do Face Moles Mean?

Face Moles

Having a mole on your face can say a lot about your personality. There are moles that are put on you and they don’t just land there by chance, but they have a meaning meant for you.

Most people will have a mole here or there that they hate and even though they don’t like them, these moles say a lot about who that person is.

Moles on the Forehead

Having a mole on your forehead can mean something for you. Here are some things this mole can mean:

  • The middle of the forehead: This can mean that you are wise.
  • Mole on the left side: This can mean you have bad luck.
  • Mole on the right side: This can mean that you are a good partner in business or in love and you will be successful.

Moles on the Chin

A mole on the chin can mean that a person is loving but it can also mean that this person is successful and has balance in their life.  These people love to travel, and they want to always face change.

A mole on the chin can also mean that you love to be around new people and that you want to visit new places. A mole to the right can mean you are diplomatic but a mole on the left can mean that you are an honest being.

Moles on the Cheek

Having a mole on the cheek can mean things depending on y our culture. This is often seen as someone that is beautiful and caring. This mole position can mean that you make people feel safe.

A mole on the left cheek though will say that you are an introvert and that you like to hang out by yourself more than in a group.

Moles on the Lips

Having a mole on the lip can mean that you are ambitious. This can mean that you are a foodie, and you love to try new things. A mole on the lower lip can mean that you are great at acting and love theater and other arts.

Moles on the Temple

Here are some meanings of having a mole on the temple:

  • You have a sudden marriage.
  • You will lose your business fast.
  • A mole on the right side: Early marriage and money coming out of nowhere.

Moles on the Nose

Having a mole on your nose can mean that you have a lot of respect for who you are. This can also mean that you have a short temper. A mole on the right can mean you are passionate and sexual and a mole on the left can mean that you struggle a lot.


  1. The article provides an interesting perspective on how moles can be interpreted. However, it’s important to remember that these interpretations are culturally influenced and may not hold scientific validity.

  2. While the article offers a unique viewpoint, it’s essential to approach such topics with a critical mind. Individual personality is complex and can hardly be defined by such singular physical characteristics.

  3. I find the concept fascinating, but I wonder about the origins of these meanings. Are they rooted in ancient beliefs or certain cultures? It would be beneficial to know more about their historical context.

  4. This is an engaging read, especially the detailed meanings assigned to different facial areas. It would be enlightening to see if there are studies or scholarly articles that delve deeper into these associations.

  5. The correlations between mole positions and personality traits are quite intriguing. Nevertheless, I am curious about whether there is any empirical evidence to support these claims or if they are purely anecdotal.


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