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What is the Aura?

What is the Aura?Is the Aura Real?

The Aura is real but how people interpret it is different between all people.  Some think it is a vibe while others think of it just as an energy.

It is not clear if the energy can manifest the spiritual and physical body and not everyone believes that the aura is part of our state of being.

One way to think of the aura is as energy that people around you give off.  Some people make you nervous or excited and others make you relaxed.  The aura is the reaction to this energy.

What are Auras?

People radiate low levels of electricity which is the electromagnetic field.  The ancient medical system believed that this energy is passed in up to seven different layers and each layer works with the different parts of your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health.  It is thought that the layers can influence the other layers and can affect your health.

Are Auras Vibes?

Auras are kind of like vibes because they tell you something about what is going on around you.  If you are angry or upset or excited, you know these feelings without having to even say anything.

You are tapping in on what people around you are felling and this is a sense of a vibe that is telling us what is going on.

Does Everyone Have an Aura?

Every thing that is living has an aura around them.  Sometimes, even plants can have an energy field around them.  Some believe that the human energy field is more complex and that is because people are more evolved than other things.

It is like our aura is always broadcasting what is going on around us.

What Does the Aura Look Like?

Some people feel that the aura can be different depending on what is going on.  Some believe that a camera can pick up this color of energy and one type of photography called aural photography can capture the circle that is egg shaped around a body, which is the aura.

Some artists believe that the aura is shaped like a halo and that it surrounds the body physically.

How Can You See the Aura?

Cameras can capture the aura but if you don’t have this type of equipment, you might not always be able to see the aura.  Some people say that they can see it when they squint and look in a mirror, but this takes practice.  Try to focus on it and look in your peripheral vision to see one.

Some people see the aura as a fuzzy white light that is a couple of inches thick, but it can take time and attention to know what you are looking at.

Can You See Someone Else’s Aura?

If you are able to see your own aura, you might be able to meditate and know how to focus enough to see someone else’s.  You don’t have control over the elements that another person has but some people have a more prominent aura and this could make it easier to see.

Why Are Aura’s Different Colors?

Each layer of the aura is represented by a different color and this is how we connect emotionally and spiritually to the aura.

For example, some layers might be brighter because they have more energy while other layers are dull based on how stressed or anxious we are.

Not having color isn’t concerning because the aura changes over time and can be any color it wants to be at that time.

Aura Colors

Here is a guideline of the different colors and what they mean:

  • Red-energetic and strong willed.
  • Orange-thoughtful and full of adventure.
  • Yellow-relaxed and friendly.
  • Blue-spiritual, a free thinking person.
  • Indigo-Connected, kind and curious.
  • Violet-Smart, independent and wise.

What Does the Colored Layers Mean?

Each layer is part of the chakra and so they are the energy within the body.  Some of the layers will be more dominate and others will be less dominate.

Red is said to be from the physical layer of the chakra and can be seen between the tailbone and the pelvic bone.

Orange is said to reflect from the sacral layer which is by the naval.

Yellow reflects from the emotional

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