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When You Are Soul Tired

When You Are Soul Tired

Having a tired soul can leave you being down and feeling sick.  It can make you have no inspiration or desire to do anything else.  When you are always tired and feeling the need to rest, chances are your soul is tired.

Even if you get enough sleep and you shouldn’t be tired, when you have a tired soul this will happen, and you will have no energy.

Your soul is the center of your energy and when it is not centered, it will take your energy just to keep you going.  Your soul energy flows through you and when this flow becomes blocked, it causes you to be weak and tired.

Most people know that their soul is tired because they will not be able to pay attention to their needs or the needs of others.

Rub your hands together for 30 seconds and then slowly pull your hands apart until you no longer feel the energy.  If you have no energy and your hands stop before you reach shoulder width, it could mean that your energy is gone, and your soul is tired.

Here are some reasons you can be soul tired:

  • • Not being who you are.
    • Not being able to say no.
    • Not fulfilling your true purpose.
    • Arguing.
    • Gossiping.
    • Being with toxic people.
    • Keeping onto your past.
    • Being negative.
    • Not caring for yourself.

All of these things can lead to you being soul tired and when your soul goes through this for a long period of time, it can come as depression or a loss of interest in life.  Your psychic gifts can be lacking, and you might even start addictive behaviors.

Your soul has to be energized in order for you to be able to make it through life.  You have to figure out what the problem is in your life and learn to change it.

Here are ways you can energize your soul:

  • Use crystals.
  • Meditate
  • Cleanse the aura
  • Do a spiritual cleansing
  • Be creative
  • Have fun
  • Talk positively
  • Love yourself

When you have a tired soul, it can be hard to get enough energy even to get yourself motivated for self-love.  Get yourself out of this by doing the above things and see how fast you can be healed and get your energy back.

Your soul is powerful and even when it is just a little tired, it can affect your whole life.

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