Why Get a Yes/No Tarot Reading?

Yes/No Tarot Reading

Have you ever wanted a yes or no answer right away and you feel that you need this answer fast? There are people that have been there and almost everyone has been at one point or another. Maybe you have a fast relationship or job question that you need an answer to, and you just need to have a clear mind on it.

Using a Yes or No Reading

A yes or no reading can come in handy when you are in this kind of situation. You might have a lot going on and you just need to get a clear answer and have it fast. This kind of reading is straightforward and can give you the answer that you need fast. You can do this by pulling out five cards and then asking the questions that you have.

Cards that are even are no answers and those that are odd are yes answers. You can do this by pulling from the Major Arcana cards or the Minor Arcana cards that have numbers on each of them.

If you get a court card such as a page, king, knight, or queen, you can decide if you want these to be yes or no answers. Most people will use them as no. You need to make sure that you are picking which cards mean yes and which cards mean no before you ever get started and don’t try to change this later.

Here is what this kind of reading can look like:

  • Yes or No Card 1:

If you ask, “Are they upset with me,” and you get the Emperor, The Star, and the Ten of Swords, the answer would be no. You might need to talk to this person and let them apologize for how they reacted to you.

  • Yes or No Card 2:

If you ask, “Are they ignoring me and will they call me soon?” Since this questions has two parts, you need to look at the five card with this reading. You might get only one yes card and if that is the case, they aren’t ignoring you. You can have the King of Cups, the Three of Pentacles, the Queen of Pentacles and the Two of Cups and Swords.

This can tell you that they are making choices based on who they are. You should communicate with this person and find out what is going on with them and what their intentions are in hour life.

  • Court Cards Yes or No

You can use the court cards with the yes or no and in this case, the court cards mean a no answer. That means when you get any king, queens, pages, or knights that the answer is going to be no. You can use this in your spread and use your intuition to guide you through this.

When you get a card reading that has a strong yes such as the Ace of Swords, it can mean that you are getting a yes that is standing. If the Queen shows up, you might have a strong no and this will work with your communication and what is being asked.

  • Yes or No Card 3

If you ask, “Will They Know that I am going to leave?” You pull five cards, and you find out what is going on in your life. You might pull the World card, Page of Swords, Four of Pentacles and Nine of Wands and the Knight of Swords.

This can mean no; they don’t know you are going to leave but that is not an easy answer. You need to look at your job or your relationship or why you are asking this question and find out if you should just walk out or if you need to have a conversation.

The World Card can be the first card and that means that you might need to have an inner introspection on what is going on in your life and be more open to what is going on with that person. This might mean that you need to move on, but it might mean that you need to talk things through.

These readings can be very accurate for your questions if you have a quick answer that you need.

Asking Yes or No Questions

There are spreads that you can use that can give you yes or no answers. These aren’t always the best thing to do because if you do this then you aren’t going to get the deep answers that you might be seeking. You can do a five-card spread and you might get your feelings hurt or feel that you are being taken advantage of by the answers that you get. Instead of doing this, you might want to consider having a conversation to find out what is really going on.

If you ask if someone loves you and you get a no, this can mean that they don’t love you, but they don’t have a deep love that you want.

Questions to Ask in a Yes or No Reading

Here are some of the best questions to ask in a yes or no reading:

  • Is someone thinking of me.
  • Do they want to commit to me?
  • Will they ghost me?
  • Are they hiding something from me?
  • Will I get the job I want?
  • Will they understand me?
  • Can I do this?
  • Can I let this thing go?
  • Will this situation work for me?

The questions in a yes or no reading focus just on the questions that you are asking and sometimes they can help but sometimes you really need more answers. Take time to focus on what you are asking and see if the cards can give you more information.

When you want to get a reading, you need to make sure that you are asking the right things and that you aren’t getting yourself upset over something that you can solve.

  • Yes or No Card 4

If you ask, “Will I get this promotion?” You might pull the Eight of Swords, the Four of Swords, The Nine of Cups, and this can mean a strong no. You might have then used the other cards to ask if you should stay at the job or if you shouldn’t.

This might be another no answer and then you can see that you will stay at your job and that something better might come up in the future. Even though you won’t get that in your yes or no reading, you might decide to go deeper with a different kind of reading so you can understand things more.

  • Yes or No Card 5

If you ask, “Will my partner listen to me?” And you pull the Hermit, the Sun, the Four of Wands, the Ten of Cups, and the Three of Swords, this can mean a no answer and it can be confusing and it can cause you to have hurt. You need to make sure that you are at a place where you don’t lose yourself because of the questions that you are asking.

Are Yes or No Readings Accurate?

You can get an accurate reading by doing a yes or no, but you won’t get the details that you might need in order to make a real decision. You will need to remember that these kinds of readings should be done if you need desperate answers fast.

Remember, there are different ways that you can ask your questions and make sure that you are asking the right questions in your reading. You can even do a follow up reading so that you can get the answers that you are seeking in a deeper way.

Have fun with this kind of reading and always be honest with yourself and with what the cards are saying to you. This can help you to find the answers you need.