Why Use Astrology?


Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and it uses signs and symbols and the placement of the planets to understand people more. No one knows exactly how astrology started but it is something that is important to those that use divination. Astrologers use the different patterns of the sky and the planets in order to know when it is time to plant a garden and to harvest.

Why Astrology is Important

Astrology is important because it helps to understand how humans react to the changes of the stars and planets. Even animals might have different actions and different personalities based on when they were born. Astrology is something that has been around for years, and it spread throughout Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon. It was around during different civilizations.

Here are some predictions that were made using astrology:

  • Nostradamus predicted the rise of Hitler.
  • John Dee predicted when Queen Elizabeth would become queen.
  • William Lilly predicted the Great Fires of London and the Great Plague.
  • Evangeline Adams predicted the Wallstreet crash in 1929.

Who Uses Astrology?

There are many people throughout history that have used astrology such as Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton, Franklin D. Roosevelt and more. Here are some of the reasons that they used astrology:

  • To get insight into who they were.
  • To build confidence.
  • TO have more peace and partnerships.
  • To assist in future events.
  • As a career guide.
  • Enlightenment on what to do.

Benefits of Astrology

There are many benefits of astrology and some of the benefits are that you can use it as a guide to overcome things that are hard in your life. It can give you strength to deal with negative things in your life.

Astrology uses horoscopes to help you to know what your life is going to be like in the future and to give you guidance towards something better. Your birth chart is there to help understand how the moon, sun, Mercury, and other planets affect how you act and what your personality is.

Astrology has changed over time, but it is still there to help you understand what kind of life path you are on and how you can live to the fullest of your destiny. Everyone has their own birth chart, and this means that you can discover what relationships are better for you and what will be helpful in your life.

Final Thoughts

Astrology is something that you can look at and you can find balance in your life. If you have negative things, you can see them from a different perspective and you can do something different with the help of astrology.

Some astrologers use science, math, and other things to help them understand things more. You can get a reading with an astrologer, and it can help to make your life better. The universe always knows what is best for you and so when you get a reading, be ready to get some good advice.