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Will He Be A Good Father?

   Your man might be a great partner, a great son and a great friend but the big question would be… Will he be a good father to your future child? Why ask? Because any man can father a baby, but to be a good dad takes a special spirit. You want the best for your future children—a home filled with love and understanding—and your man needs to be up to the challenge.

Remember, parenting means that it is not all about you anymore. Can he handle the change?

There are many ways to discover if your guy has what it takes—both emotionally and spiritually. Ask yourself:

How does he handle the unpleasant things in life?

No matter how you sugarcoat it, babies can be a mess—dirty diapers, burping, spit-ups and all sorts of unpleasant situations. A good dad takes these things in stride. Will he dive in when you don’t have the energy, or when you are sick?

How is he with his mom?

Watch how he acts around his mother. The mother and son relationship can be a hint of the type of family man he will become. See how frequently he calls her, makes enjoyable visits and laughs in her presence while helping with chores.

Is he thoughtful and selfless?

Is your man selfish or immature? Does he put others before his own needs? A good father is caring and considerate of others. Remember, parenting means that it is not all about you anymore. Can he handle the change? It means giving out Friday night with the boys, or helping with carpools and 100 other little lifestyle adaptations. He’s got to be ready for the challenge, not nagged into it.

Is he a good uncle?

Observe him with other children in his family—nieces, nephews and the like. His actions around family will show a lot about how he relates to his own children. Notice if he’s loving, caring and attentive. A man with a fun, playful attitude with other children will do the same for his own kids.

Are you compatible with each other? If you are considering having children, you and your partner should be compatible—or at least you think so. However, it never hurts to be sure. Consult your psychic advisor. For example, a detailed and thorough Tarot reading could shed new light on your relationship—not only right now, but also for your future together.

What’s his psychic profile?

Check out his horoscope (and yours) or see how his numbers add up. Both Astrology and Numerology can offer plenty of valuable information—especially how to use cosmic energy to help him be a good dad. Are his life-path and challenge numbers strong or weak? The answer may confirm your suspicions—or help make the decision to start a family with him. A trusted live psychic can help you get a feel for your future together as loving, successful parents.

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