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Planetary Tarot Spread

The planetary tarot spread is a query spread that may yield insight into a number of different planetary1aspects of one’s current life’s state. Concentrate on your specific question.

There are other versions of the Planetary Spread, but what I love most about this one is how it works with the seven classical planets of ancient astrology. Another wonderful thing about this spread is it’s simplicity. Each planet has it’s own magical association that can be added to the meaning of each tarot card in it’s position. For example, if The Magician is in the Moon position, it can indicate an increase of psychic awareness and a revealing of hidden knowledge.

The various cards in this spread represent the following about you:

1. Self
2. Moon (home)planetary3
3. Mercury (business, skills and integrity)
4. Venus (love)
5. Mars (hostility, opposition and aggression)
6. Jupiter (finance, acquisition and wealth)
8. Saturn (intellect)
9. Question outcome

MOON: The Moon is linked to Goddess energy, Divination, Psychic Awareness, Intuition, Meditation, Magical Ability, Arcane Knowledge, Occult Mysteries, The Shadow Self and Introspection. It is Feminine and associated with the element of Water.

MERCURY: This planet’s energies affect all forms of Communication, Travel, Creativity, Writing, Conversation and Self-Expression.

VENUS: Venus is associated with Personal Relationships, Love, Intimacy, Family, Friendships, Affection, Romance, Passion, Emotional Attachments.

SUN: The Sun lends it’s energy to Success, Achievement of Goals, God Energy, Connection to Divinity (both without and within), Power.

MARS: This fiery planet often indicates Aggression, Force, Masculinity, Male Energy, Lust, Rivalry, Competition, Ego, Assplanetary2ertiveness, Determination.

JUPITER: This planet is linked to Prosperity, Abundance, Career, Finances, Money, Employment, Growth, Business, Expansion, Increase.

SATURN: Saturn is associated with Conflict, Restriction, Protection Magic, Banishing, Binding, Removing Harmful Influences, Barriers, Obstacles.

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