Are You Losing Yourself?

lose yourself in the relationship

It’s best to be in love, especially if they love you back, but you must be careful that you know the line between healthy love and co-dependent love. If you second guess yourself more than you used to and always ask your partner for their opinion, you might have slipped into a co-dependent relationship. Sometimes it feels so natural to lose yourself in your partner and to truly feel it is OK. It is not OK because you are losing your self-worth and independent nature at the same time. Take a step back and start treating yourself more healthily. Here is how you can get back to yourself and improve your relationship.

Take a step back and start treating yourself more healthily.

  • Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

When people spend their free time only with their partner and forget the other people that care about them, this is considered a co-dependent trait. Visit your parents, or spend time with close friends who have missed your company. Commit at least one night a week to spending time with loved ones other than your partner. This will improve your relationship because you will have some space and more things to talk about when you need it.

  • Do What You Love

Listen to your heart and remember the things you used to love doing. Sometimes we drop our old loves, such as writing, painting, sports, or dancing, when we get together with someone new. They might not have the same interests as you, so you let yours go. Grab hold of these passions and start practicing them again. All of these hobbies and passions make up who you are. Find them again and let your creativity flow.

  • Exercise Your Rights

When couples get together, they reach a whole new comfort level. This can sometimes lead to a decrease in exercise and activity. Give yourself the pleasure of walking at least 3-5 times a week, going to the gym, or taking a yoga class. Remember that exercise is great for your health, and this should not be ignored because you are in love. Love yourself first.

  • Nurture Your Spirit

We tend to think we get all of our spiritual needs from our partners when we need to nurture our spirit. It isn’t about going to a temple or church. You can nurture your spirit by reading self-help or spiritual books or doing some meditation. You might even benefit from having a psychic reading to help you find your true self and direction again.

  • Know “How-To” Do It

Take that course you have always wanted. Whether it’s pottery or marketing 101, the more you know, the better. Sometimes we stay in one place when we are happy in love, and we even forget some of our goals. Share your goals with your partner and then take action to move toward them.

This will all help improve your relationship and allow both partners to have lives outside the relationship. Being able to love someone and keep some independence is important for relational health.