Astrology and the Planet Mercury

Astrology and the Planet Mercury

The smallest planet in the solar system is also the fastest to orbit around the sun. Mercury only takes 88 days for this to happen. It is known to be named from the Roman god Mercurius who was the god of messaging and was the one that went between the gods and the mortals on earth.

Mercury is one of the planets that you can see without binoculars, and it has been seen as the planet of the night sky since it can be seen by people all over the world. The planet was first written about around 3,000 BC by the Sumerians.

Mercury is harder to spot when it goes further from the sun, and it was one of the planets that was discovered but no one is sure exactly how.

What Does Mercury Mean?

The planet Mercury is one of the smallest planets and it is known as the evergreen planet. It has young energy, and it brings something new to the things it works with. It is linked to the nervous system, respiratory, the mind and the way that we communicate.

Mercury is neither feminine or masculine energy and it is a trade planet. It is based around money and is a safety zone if you want to try new things. It is known for being a virtuous planet, but it is serious and calculated but sometimes deceptive.

Zodiac Signs and the Planet Mercury

Gemini and Virgo are ruled by mercury. They are air signs, and they have characteristics that make them want to communicate and have knowledge. These people also have a hard time making decisions sometimes and they can change their emotions. Some people find faults in these signs, but they are very adaptable people, and they make sure that people are always excited and having fun.

Symbols of Mercury

Mercury is a planet that influences others. It is a regular retrograde and it means that the energy of Mercury governs and changes frequently. It rules over wisdom and communication.

Relationships and things that we peruse are impacted by the flow of the Mercury energy and when Mercury is acting right, it will show you things that interest you and help you to focus your energy on the right place?

Mercury in Retrograde

People often talk about Mercury in retrograde but don’t always know what it means. This planet sometimes gets a bad reputation in retrograde but why? When in retrograde, it looks like Mercury is moving backward. The solar system has different planets that rule life on earth, and it can affect our lives and when there are planets in retrograde it sometimes causes there to be imbalance on the earth and can cause bad luck to seem to take place.

It is thought that Mercury retrograde is a huge influence and when people argue and when there are accidents or people act a certain way, it is looked at like Mercury was the cause of it. This can also include issues with family, friends, and things at your job.

Numerology and Mercury

Mercury works with those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd each month. If you have a life path number as 5, it can mean that you are part of macro and macros which includes the five elements including space.

Natal Chart

Most people know their signs such as the rising and the sun sign. Not all people know their Mercury sign though. This is a planet that is moving fast and can take 14 days to transition through the zodiac signs.

Meaning of Mercury

If you wonder about your Mercury sign, whatever zodiac sign you were born in and where Mercury was at that time is your governing planet. This can have to do with your knowledge and communication in life.

  • Aries

These are people that won’t say things unless they mean them. You can get honest information from an Aries when Mercury is there. This can be someone that will tell you a sentence or a paragraph, but you won’t see them lying. They will be an honest friend.

  • Taurus

When Mercury is in Taurus, it can mean that you will be stubborn and slow. You might have a strong drive one week and not have any energy to do anything the next week. The energies can move up and down during this time. If you have spent time making plans but don’t get them completed, this can happen during this time.

  • Gemini

Mercury in Gemini can make you feel like you are home. It can make you witty, to be able to communicate well and to pursue whatever you need in your life. You can gain knowledge and not lose sight of what you want.

  • Cancer

Mercury in Cancer can have people having a hard time dealing with their emotions. They might wake up and feel empathy for others and feel sensitive in their emotions during this time. This can be draining.

  • Leo

Mercury in Leo is one where life can be full of adventures. This can cause someone to think fast and to set goals but to change them fast. You can find friends, but these will be people that might bail on you early.

  • Virgo

When Mercury is in Virgo, it can mean that you are settled. It can mean that you are impulsive and delighted at things you do. Carry out your plans and don’t stop.

  • Libra

Mercury in Libra is a time to ask questions. You will have strong wisdom and you will be able to use your people skills. Use this time to communicate.

  • Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio have a sharp tongue and they will say whatever they want. They are often vengeful and are people that are wise and strong.

  • Sagittarius

Those that are part of Mercury in Sagittarius are ones that are fun and adventurous. They are spontaneous and they like to do things without making a plan. During this time, people do more than they talk.

  • Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn can mean that people are stable and that they are obsessive. They are individuals that are passionate and that set goals. They have things that they want, and they will fight to get them. They are strong in their work ethic.

  • Aquarius

When Mercury is in Aquarius, this is a time to be logical. This is a time to be smart and to look at situations. When you struggle and when you are friendly, keep working towards your goals.

  • Pisces

Mercury in Pisces means that these people might think big. They are people that are emotional and sensitive. They often get lost when they are thinking, and they have strong imaginations. They need to learn to silence what is in their mind and to be able to care about other people.

Final Thoughts

Mercury is important in astrology. You can find out more about your personality and who you are by finding out about Mercury and what it stands for.