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A Guide to Aura Colors


Everyone has an aura; it’s the colored vibration that emits from people every second of every day. One way to view it is as a psychic field that reflects one’s physical health, chakras, or mood. It also reflects one’s future and past, and aura-sensitive individuals are the ones who are able to pick up on these colors.

Red refers to heart and the circulatory system. Positive red is a healthy ego, but negative red reflects anxiety, anger, and a lack of forgiveness.

Deep red reflects a person who is realistic, grounded, and strong-willed; muddy red reflects anger; clear red reflects sensuality, energy, competition, passion, and power; orange red reflects confidence; bright pink reflects clairaudience, compassion, sensitivity, love, affection, and sensuality (with an artistic streak); and dark muddy pink reflects immaturity and dishonesty.

Orange can be interpreted as a reading of one’s emotional health (as well as one’s reproductive organs). Those with orange auras show excitement and vitality. Viewed positively, it can mean one is courageous, sociable, and creative, whereas if orange aura is viewed negatively, it can indicate addiction and stress.

Brownish orange can indicate emotional repression and a lazy streak, whereas orange yellow tends to indicate perfectionism, creativity, attention to detail, and overall intelligence.

Yellow tends to represent an individual’s life energy (whilst also referring to the spleen). A person with yellow aura can be interpreted as intelligent, inspired, easygoing, optimistic, and awakened.

Dark, Muddy Yellow-Gold represents an overwhelmed person; clear, metallic gold suggests a person who is spiritually active; bright yellow represents a person who is terrified of losing power, respect, and control; and pale yellow represents positivity, hope, and optimism.


Green refers to the respiratory system, and also indicates comfortable, healthy energy. It suggests change, growth, and balance, as well as a love of other people.

Muddy forest green refers to a propensity for blaming others as well as jealousy and insecurity; yellow green refers to creativity and clear communication; and emerald green refers to a loving person who can be considered a healer.

Turquoise aura reflects the health of the immune system while also suggesting that a person is compassionate and sensitive.

Blue aura reflects the health of the thyroid and throat. It also suggests that a person is caring, calm, and intuitive.

Muddy blue suggests a fear of speaking the truth; royal blue suggests spiritualism, generosity, and clairvoyance; and light blue suggests truthfulness, clarity, and peacefulness.

Indigo aura reflects the health of the pituitary gland. It also suggests that a person is capable of deep feeling.

Violet aura reflects the health of the nervous system and pineal gland. It also suggests a person that is magical, artistic, and/or psychic.

Lavender aura suggests a daydreamer with an active imagination.

Silver aura reflects spiritual abundance. It also suggests that a person is expected to encounter money soon.

Bright, metallic silver denotes intuition and nurturing; muddy gray denotes fear and indicates illness in whatever are of the body it is seen it; and dirty gray denotes skepticism.

Gold aura reflects a person’s state of enlightenment. It also suggests that a person is in touch with their divine guide, intuition, and inner peace.

Black aura reflects the transforming of energy. It also suggests that a person is unforgiving or is suffering from grief and/or trauma carried over from their past life.

White aura reflects the protection of certain energies. It also suggests that a person is experiencing new energy and has truthful, angelic qualities. Flashes of white auras indicate a nearness of angels.

Dirty, grayish white aura potentially indicates illness.

Earth tones reflect a person who works outside; they are good, grounding colors.

A rainbow aura reflects the presence of a healer. Pastel auras reflect a need for serenity. Brown aura indicates a person who is self-obsessed and greedy, whereas dirty brown is reflective of insecurity and negative energy.

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