Becoming an Automatic Writer

Becoming an Automatic Writer

Automatic writing is when someone is able to write because they are channeling into the spirit world. This is one psychic gift that some people have. This is a gift that you can increase and develop over time if you learn to open your mind and focus on what you want.

It is easy for people to do automatic writing because all you have to do is to make sure that you open up your mind and you have paper and a pen handy. This will allow your mind to get information and messages and then to let them come through on paper. If you want to talk to the spirit world and know what they are saying, you can do automatic writing so that the spirit can give you information without you judging it.

Put a pen in your hand and have some paper. Ask the spirit world to talk to you. When you focus on your automatic writing, you will be able to get guidance that you need form the spirit world. You will be able to hear angels and guides and you will write down what they say to you.

You can use automatic writing while you are typing but the old-fashioned way is doing it with pen and paper.

How to Automatic Write

When you want to do automatic writing, you start by breathing deeply and relaxing. Have your pen and paper with you and find a place where you can sit that is quiet and relaxed. Find somewhere to be that you won’t be distracted.

You can find a quiet room and then ask the guides to give you white light to go around you. Once you have that white light, center your energy, and choose to connect with the spirit world.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Imagine that you are grounded through your root chakra.
  • Feel that the light is surrounding you.
  • Breath in deep.
  • Imagine white light coming back to you.
  • Let the light flow through your body.
  • Let the light take you to the divine source.
  • Be open to the light.

Then, put your pen down on the paper and ask your guides to give you information and to help you to do automatic writing. If you want to get information, tell your guides to give you that information.

Relax your mind and body and keep your heart open and wait for the message to come. As your pen goes, write down what you feel. Do not give up.

Automatic Writing or Faking It?

You will know if you are automatic writing or if you are faking it. When you connect with the spirit world, you have to trust yourself and believe that you are doing the right thing. You have to know that you aren’t the one doing it.

If you believe in your spirit guides, then you will see that they can help you to do this and give you the experiences that you want to have.

The best thing to do is make sure that you write down whatever comes to your mind because you will connect with the guides. Don’t stop yourself from writing and don’t judge what you write down.

Connect with your guides and just write whatever they want you to write. Once you connect and you write things down, you can then ask questions.

When you feel that you are done writing, be done with it. Thank your guides and angels for being there for you. Let your chakras close and let the energy of the universe come to you.

Once you finish automatic writing, you can go back and read the message that you wrote down. Keep all of your messages in a journal so that you can read them later.

Don’t worry if your messages don’t change your life or if you don’t understand the message right away, your guides will give you the information that they want you to have. They will give you the information that they give you for a reason. You will know what they want you to know at the time.

As you move on in your gifting, you can ask more questions and get more answers. You can connect with your guides in a fun way, and this can be a great way to practice your giftings. Make sure that you keep your vibrations strong before you start.

Automatic writing is something that many psychics do. If you have had this experience, you will know that it is interesting and fun.