Changing the Contracts of Your Soul

Fixing Your Soul Contract

The past holds a lot of things in your life including contracts that you have made. The past that you have is something that you cannot rewrite no matter how bad it is.

Soul Contract

A soul contract is one that you have entered into during your past life. This is something that your guides asked you if you wanted to choose and when you chose it, you made the decision to learn a lesson. The lessons that you had in front of you were ones that you were never able to perfect, and these lessons are what makes your soul contract.

If you have the same patterns or problems that keep creeping up, this can mean that you have a soul contract. You are probably not even aware that this is happening and that is why seeing a psychic can help you.

Fixing Your Soul Contract

The best thing about a soul contract is that you can talk to a psychic, and they can help to change your soul contract. It can be written to whatever new goals that you have in your life. It can work towards your lessons that you need to learn, and it can help you to create new values.

Once you decide that you want to change your soul contact, you might not realize how long this can take. You need to learn the things that you say you want to learn and if you have done this, your soul contract will be complete. If there are things that you needed to learn and you never did, you will need to change your soul contact. This can be upsetting and frustrating because you will keep having the same problems over and over until you update this contract. You can change your life once you change your contract and reach your life purpose.

Before you came to earth, you chose to learn something like patience. There were problems that you faced in your past life that tried to teach you to be patient. If you didn’t learn to do this, you will keep getting tested until you learn to be patient.

You might not have thought that you had to learn to be patient until you got older but the sooner that you learn the lessons of your soul contract, the better your life will be. You will see that you will learn your life lessons as you commit to what you are learning. You will keep being tested in whatever you decided that you wanted to learn until you either learn it or until you amend your contract. A psychic can help you with this.

Maybe you decided that you wanted to learn how to handle a broken heart. You will keep going through broken relationships until you learn your lesson on how to heal and how to be compassionate to others that have had their heart broken. You can either run away form love or you can commit yourself to learning and growing. You can decide to talk to a psychic to change your goals and your contract or you can let your psychic help you to figure out how to grow and how to learn the lesson in front of you.

As your soul grows, you will see that the past is there to guide you so that when you get into your present, you will be able to reach your destiny. Most of the time though, people that have freewill will change their minds once they decide that they no longer want to deal with the lesson that they should be learning. The best thing that you can do is to learn to live your best life as you experience the needs that you have and the desires that you choose. The choices that you make can help you to work through things in your life and to change for the better.

Your mind, body and spirit are there to help you grow. As you talk to a psychic and you find out about your soul contract, you will see that there might be things that you need to change. This is the first part of living your best life. Get yourself out of your rut and don’t keep doing the same things over and over again. Don’t let the patterns in your life define who you are. Get your soul contract reading and get your contract changed if you need to.