Connecting with Your Spirit Guide

If you are going through hard things in your life, chances are that you will have a voice in your head that tells you to keep moving forward. This is your intuition, and this can be your spirit guides trying to communicate with you.

The spirit guides are connected to you and they are there to help you to be the best that you can be. If you think about all people on the earth, having a spirit guide is someone that is there to help you to make it through your life lessons and to get advice in your life, when it is good or bad.

Your guides want what is best for you and they want you to win at life. They want to help you when you are hurting or when you are stuck in life or even in traffic. Imagine how hard life would be if you had to do everything in the world on your own.

Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is a spiritual being that has been given to you in your life. They are in the afterlife and they have not reincarnated back on the earth but instead they chose to soul evolve by becoming a spirit guide. They are there to help you and they have a level of mastery.

Everyone has spirit guides that are there to help them and they are there to help you when you are suffering, when you are trying to make a decision and when life is even easy.

Your guides are there to help you to overcome problems in your life and help you to be a better version of yourself. They are meant to bring you healing and to help you grow.

A Lifetime of Spirit Guides?

Your guides are there with you for your whole life. They are there even when you do not know it or even when you don’t feel them.

Some guides are there from the moment that you are born, and they are there to help you through pain and trauma in your life. Some guides are there based on your relationships and they come when they are needed and then leave.

Other guides are there when you need help with your job or with experiences in school or other things. They are there to guide you over your lifetime and what you are going through matters to them.

Most people have at least one guide that stays with them their whole life, but some will have multiple guides that come and go. They are there to make sure that you are able to reach your goals and to find your purpose in life. They are there to give you light when things are hard and dark.

A guide can give you guidance and help you to be clear about things. They are there because they know that you need someone to guide you in things that you do in your life and they have power to help you be better.

Loved One Guides

Some people have guides that are their loved ones that have passed over. They are there in the spirit to help guide you and to help you move forward but they are not your spirit guides.

A spirit guide has to be someone that has mastered life and has chosen to be a spirit guide. They will be there to teach you. Your spirit guides will help you along your path and your loved ones that are there will be there to give you peace and to love you.

Communicating with Your Guides

If you want to communicate with your guides, it is easy. Just talk to them and be confident that they are listening to them. Make the intention to connect with them and you can do this by lighting a candle or through automatic writing. You can even imagine that they are there for you and having a conversation with you.

The spirit guides live in the astral plane and sometimes you can channel your energy there with dreams. When you feel your temperature increasing or you feel a tingling sensation, your guides are probably showing you that they are there.

The spirit guides exist in everyway possible and they are not held back by time or space. They help you to do things you need to do, and they help you when your heart is broken or when you need motivation.

Names of Guides

You can ask your guides to give you their name but most of them do not really have names. Since our minds want us to name something, we can use the connection with the energy to give them a name so that you can call on them by their name.

The name can be there to help you to focus your energy on them and if you hear a name when you ask for it, allow that to be your guides name. You do not have to have a name to connect with them but if you want to have a name, you can do this by asking and asking them if you can call them something specific.