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Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls

If you are new to the psychic realm or if you have always just been curious about how to use a crystal ball, the first thing that you want to know is that you have to use your psychic senses in order to see the crystal ball really work for you. Remember to use your intuition to help guide you in all things.

Choosing a Ball

A real crystal ball is something that is very beautiful, and it is very unique. Like a snowflake, there will be no two crystal balls that are the same. You can find different spheres that are made of glass that look exactly the same and these can be used for crystal ball reading or scrying, but they do not have the same kind of power as a real crystal ball.

A crystal ball is imperfect, and it will have cracks and imperfections that you can see, and this is what makes the ball precious and unique. The crystal ball is made of quartz and if you can find one that is completely clear, it is not really quartz but glass.

A real crystal is hardly ever clear because of the imperfections that it has but the imperfections are what help psychics to focus on the images that come to the ball.

When you choose a crystal ball or any other kind of crystal, you need to make sure that you use your intuition to help to guide you. Make sure that you find a crystal that calls to you and feels completely perfect to you and that you feel connected to it.

One of the most common crystal balls are made of clear quarts. This has natural energy and can amplify your psychic giftings such as your clairvoyance.

There are other types of crystal spheres that can be used as a crystal ball such amethyst spheres or other crystals. These kinds of crystal balls are good for healing, for love, for fears, addictions, past issues and more. These types of crystal balls work well if you are dealing with different kinds of issues such as family problems or self-esteem problems.


One thing to know is that size doe does not matter. There are some crystal balls that are huge and cost a lot of money, but the truth is that you do not need that kind of ball for the ball to show you its magic. You can choose a small, medium or large ball, depending on what kind of money you want to spend.

What is Inside

It is not the ball that has the magic it is what is inside of you that is important.  You always need to make sure that you have your crystal ball cleansed so that you can get rid of the negative energies in the ball. This is easy and you can do it simply by just picturing the crystal ball to be surrounded by a white light. This will cleanse your ball. You can also say a simple prayer when you imagine this such as, “Dear angels, please come and take away all of the negative energies from my crystal ball and cleanse it. Please raise the vibrational frequency of this ball so that it can help me to know what you want me to know.

When you do this, also take time to imagine a white light surrounding you. You can make sure that you and your crystal ball are cleansed when you imagine yourself and your ball surrounded by the white light.


The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you are using your crystal ball in an environment that is full of positive energy and is peaceful.

If you are a beginner, you need to find a room that is quiet and where you can concentrate without being interrupted or distracted. You might want to light incense or light candles and put on some quiet music to help you relax.

Choose a room that has hardly any light and this can allow you to see visions and to pay attention to what the crystal is trying to say to you. If you choose a candle, choose a white one so that you can have peace and purity.

Once you are comfortable with the white candle, you can experiment with colored candles that can help you with your spiritual giftings and help you to stay calm and seek the truth.

When someone does a crystal reading, they are called scryers. They might use different scents during a reading such as frankincense, sage, sandalwood or more to help raise the vibrations. There are other scents that can be used such as jasmine, magnolia, pine, rose and more. The smoke can help you to see what the crystal ball wants to show you.

Prepare Yourself

Make sure that you have a positive state of mind and that you are grounded. Sometimes it is best to be quiet, especially if you are a beginner because this allows your mind not to be so active. You can also take time to mediate to help you relax or take a salt bath. Doing this can help to center you.


Having expectations is good but having too many expectations can cause you to not be open minded. You might only see things that are the outcome instead of seeing things that are coming to you or helpful to you.

Once you begin, make sure that you clear away your expectations and keep an open mind. Let the spirit guides know that you have questions and that you want to get some answers.


Make sure that you pay attention to what the crystal ball wants to tell you. Hold it in the hand that you are dominate with and sit where the table is at a good height for where you can look into the ball for a long period of time.

Allow yourself to relax and make sure that you sit very still, doing this can cause you to learn to ground your mind and your mental state.

Say a short prayer and allow positive things to enter the space that you are sitting in. Ask your spirit guides or your angels to help you.

Take time to close your eyes and focus on your third eye and let it become activated. Make sure that you are imagining that you are sitting in front of a movie screen, but the screen is the crystal ball.

Breathe in deep and relax and allow anything negative to leave your thoughts. Let positive energies come to you and get rid of negative energies while you bring positive energies in.

Focus on the third eye and look into the crystal ball and let the ball draw you in. Take time to focus your eyes until they become out of focus but keep your mind on the crystal ball in front of you, without blinking or closing your eyes.

The crystal might become smoky or get darker but whatever happens, make sure that you are focusing on the changes and that you are keeping your mind clear. Sometimes when a new psychic or crystal reader sees this, they get too excited and they cause their mind to lose concentration and can lose the connection they have with the ball.

Ask questions when you look into the ball.

What to Know

You may get a mental picture or see some kind of pictures when you look at the ball. These images can happen in your mind or they can actually appear on the ball.

There might be things that you see in the crystal or things that you see in your mind and this can cause you to be tingly or to feel numb. This is raising your vibrations and it can cause you to have more energy than you had when you started because your angels are bringing this energy to you.

You can practice doing things like holding the crystal ball and tuning into the energy of the crystal. Crystals are easy to connect with and if you meditate while holding a crystal you can connect with it. You do not have to take time at the moment to interpret what you see, just allow the energies to surround you and to connect with you.

You and the Spirit World

Pay attention to the different sensations and pictures that you saw. Notice what you are feeling and notice what you are seeing but make sure that you do not judge yourself or try to change or question what you saw.

When the pictures begin to disappear, you have done all that your mind will allow you to do on this session, allow your mind to return to normal on the physical plane and you will notice that your energy is shifting. Let your eyes refocus and take in deep breaths.

Remember that you can tune into your psychic information when you use a crystal ball. Learn to have fun and to allow the ball to talk or speak to you. Use this type of tool for divination and keep practicing until you are able to do this smoothly.

Let go of the expectations that you have and if its images do not appear to you right away then take time and keep practicing. Focus and learn to match the vibrations of the ball with your own energies.

When your connection is stronger, you will begin to see changes as you look into the crystal ball. Thank your angels for helping you and always remember to surround yourself with white light.

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