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Destroying The Energy Killer

 No matter how workaholic you are or how responsible you are… There will be periods in our life when we feel a sense of a lack of motivation to do anything. It feels like there is no energy for action and the mind might find such a situation quite frightening because it has a way of associating inactivity with failure.

When we understand the movement of energy in the universe, we can also understand why there are periods of ebbs and lows in our own being – so when you are feeling a lack of energy or motivation it’s not bad news but just a natural cycle of change.

Tips to Deal with Lack of Energy and Motivation

In this article let’s look at some helpful tips on how to deal with a situation where you have no energy for action and feel “stuck” in your life situation.

1: Stop Resisting the Situation and Embrace It

Our minds are so habituated to resisting the “present” and always projecting a state of “how things should be”.

A condition where you feel a complete lack of motivation to take any action can be an opening for you to realize that your mind is not in control, but reality or life is. Your mind believes that it’s totally in control and that it dictates how things should be. But in truth it’s not the job of your mind to determine how life should move. Your mind’s job is to desire, to have preference, to have a perspective, but it’s not possible for the mind to determine how the desire will manifest and how life will move in order to bring things, that you prefer, to you.

So relax and embrace the flow of life. This period of “lull” may be required for life to bring about the change that is needed to create a better reality for you.

2: Avoid Labeling the Situation as Negative

Since our childhood we have be reprimanded for being “lazy” or inactive.

So in our mind we have a negative outlook towards “inactivity”, and yet if you look at nature you will see that it works in a cyclic manner where there are periods of huge activity followed by periods of inactivity.

For example, during spring the flora around you is in an absolute activity, full of flowers and blossoms. The vegetation is at its peak with new leaves and branches coming up on trees and shrubs. But this is then followed by the autumn where there is a period of inactivity or rest.

This rest is what enables the flora to have the energy to bring forth another season of blossoms. Even animals go through periods of hibernation. As you can see, nature works in a cyclic manner where highs and lows are both natural and part of the movement of life. Our minds tends to label the highs as good and the lows as bad. It wants your energy and motivation to always be on a high level, which is a very unnatural demand on the body.

It’s important for the mind to understand that periods of low energy are natural, and it’s necessary to have these periods of lull in order for a restoration to take place and a new reality to come into being. So stop labeling this condition of feeling a lack of motivation as negative.

3: Don’t Take Action Without the Motivation

Some of us can get so frantic that we start taking action without having the motivation or energy for it. These actions are bound to be low quality and unproductive because you are “forcing” yourself to make effort.

When you are feeling a lack of energy it’s a sign to be in “rest” and to allow the restoration to take place within. Any basic action that is required will be carried out by the body automatically, so stop forcing it into action.

4: Know That This Will Not be a Permanent State

It’s so easy to get all worked up about a life situation in the fear that it’s something permanent.

Always remember the simple truth of life – “This too shall pass“. Life is always expanding and becoming, but that does not mean that it’s always in “activity”.

In fact, when you are aligned with the flow of life you will realize that activity is just a minuscule part of the process of manifestation or creation. A lot of creation takes place in a state of rest and allowing, because though your body is resting the universal energy is in a constant movement of becoming through you.

Just relax and allow the natural flow of life. Don’t get worked up or afraid of your inactivity. It’s not possible for you to know how long this period will last, but when you know that what’s happening is something “good”, and important, you will learn to just go with the flow.

5: Use this time to Grow From Within

Taking time to do nothing, often brings everything into perspectiveDoe Zantamata

Use your low energy state to get in touch with your inner self and grow from within.

Dedicate your time to meditating, mindfulness, journaling, visualizing and self reflection.

Spend time doing what you love. Spend time in nature. Find out where you are in your life, what your truly desire and what you need to do in other to arrive there.

This is the time for self reflection. This is the time for getting back in alignment with your life.

6: Trust the Higher Intelligence of Life

Dealing with a lack of energy or motivation is not about “changing” it but about allowing it by understanding that it’s a part of the big picture of unfolding.

Your mind does not have the capacity to see the big picture because it does not have the “universal” view that the vital force, or life energy, has. So trust the intelligence of life, it knows what it’s doing, and it’s working for your benefit, to bring you everything you desire and prefer. This period of feeling a lack of energy is a necessary part of the process of unfolding and if you just allow it, it will move swiftly past.

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