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Discover the potentials in your relationship

You have just started dating someone new, you feel so happy with your new partner, and you enjoy every single thing you do together. If you are smiling all the time for no reason, you’re definitely in honeymoon phase. But when your honeymoon ends, and the glow within your relationship starts to fade. You find yourself wondering, “what is next?”

Will your relationship survive?

But if things have gotten kind of boring in your relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that passion into your relationship is over. In fact, many long term relationship go through difficult phases sometimes, and this is normal. It’s hard to imagine being with the same person for years without feeling like you’re living the same day over and over again.

The good news is you only need to work a little bit on your relationship to get things back to normal and to get back the spark into your love life. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Spice up your relationship

Do something new! Take a dance class together! Need ideas? What about a Salsa class? Do something different than what you’re used to doing and you both will discover new sides of yourselves.


Go ahead and communicate with your partner and communicating here doesn’t mean doing your normal chatting about how your day was! What I mean by communicating is to speak up about what both of you are feeling. Are you feeling bored? Discuss the problem honestly and openly and try to find a way out.

A TO-DO fun list

Making a TDF list will help remember what you used to enjoy doing together in the past. Be creative and include big things like going skydiving together. Also Consider small things like having a happy hour together once a week.

You might just need to refresh your memories and this fun list will make you remember that your relationship is supposed to be about fun and not about other terrible and boring stuff.

Boost your sex-life

Try new things. Try new positions. Talk dirty. Play sex games. Wear sexy lingerie. Speak your fantasies. Get open with your partner about what new things you want to try in the bedroom.

Get rid of your phones!

One of the reasons that your relationship is at a risk is because both of you might not be focusing on each other anymore. It’s more likely that the two of you are spending much time on your cell phones.

One of the easiest ways to refresh your relationship is to get off your cell phone. Spend special “no cell phones” times when both of you leave your cell phone in another place and only pay attention to each other. No Cell Phone. No iPad. Just both of you and your love.

See A psychic!

If you’ve tried a lot other things, and still feel like it isn’t working, a psychic might be a great way to go. You’ll be surprised to find that a psychic can help you discover potentials in your relationship.

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