Embracing Your Intuition

Embracing Your Intuition

Your intuition is your small voice that you have that can help you when you need it. It isn’t something that is proven or something that is scientific, and it comes from inside of you. Some call it a hunch while others will call it a gut feeling or more.

Using Intuition to Guide You

Intuition is more than just a thought. You need to take time out of your life to practice listening to your intuition and letting it guide you.  When you get tired or when you need information, your intuition can give you that information.

You can get senses and feelings, and this is part of your intuition that can guide you in all things in your life. This is something that comes, not to your mind, but to your unconscious mind. This is based partly on memories or things that have happened in your life or it can be a message that your body picks up on. It lets you know when things aren’t good or when you are doing something right.

Developing your intuition takes time and practice and it is based on more than just thinking. If you are listening to your intuition, you can find that it isn’t the same as your emotions, but it is something deeper.

When you ignore your intuition then you are not accepting the emotional connection of the message that wants to help you. Your emotional feelings and the thoughts that you have can help you with your intuition.

Intuition is something that you should never ignore but you should never follow it without thinking. It is a message that can help you to live your best life.

Increasing Your Intuition

Here are some ways that you can increase your intuition:

  • Keep your mind quiet.
  • Listen for quietness of the intuition.
  • Listen to your intuition even past your emotions.
  • Flow through things and be flexible when stuff comes up.
  • See if the message repeats.
  • Try to start intuition moves small and then get bigger.
  • Journal all the times that you have followed your intuition and you will see that it will get stronger.
  • Be happy when your intuition guides you correctly.
  • Talk to yourself and listen for the responses that your body and mind give you.
  • Pay attention to the way that your body reacts to certain situations.