Empath Person

Empath Person

Being an empath can be very hard on someone and unless you learn to help yourself and learn how to control these emotions then you will become overly tired and experience health problems too.

Here is what being an empath is like:

  • Gather emotions of others.
  • Feel the pain of other people.
  • Overly tired.
  • Constantly tired.
  • Exhausted.
  • Have health problems.

Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

An empath has great cons because they can pick up the feelings of others and they become the most caring and loving people that exist. They want to help others and they should have the opportunity to be happy but sometimes they end up being tired and experience many health problems.

An empath deserves to be treated well and they need to learn to control their giftings. They have to learn to deal with the good and the bad of being an empath.

Difference Between Sensitivity and Empaths

If you are an empath you experience what other people are feeling. You have compassion and love, but your heart will either be happy or sad, or even in pain, depending on what others are feeling.

An empath actually feels the emotions and sickness of others and there are different types of empaths. A person that is an empath can have these things or these giftings:

  • Empath toward plants.
  • Weather empaths.
  • Animal Empaths.
  • Person empaths.
  • Earth Empaths.
  • Intuitive Empaths.
  • Emotional Empaths.

Sensitive Empath

There are different things that you can experience so that you know if you are an empath or not. Here are some things that you can experience as an empath:

  • Feel other people’s emotions.
  • Know what is going on in the world.
  • Feel overly emotional and isolated.
  • Feel other people’s pain.
  • Feel emotionally drained.
  • Know what people are feeling.

If you are an empath, chances are you are very sensitive. Your emotions will be stronger, and this can cause you to be overly sensitive.

Being a sensitive person and an empath is different and when you are highly sensitive, it just means you have feelings, but an empath can know and feel the emotions of others.

The difference between Highly Sensitive People or HSP’s include:

  • Taking someone joking personally.
  • Being offended easily.
  • Feeling only about your own self.

A person that is highly sensitive is sensitive but a person that is an empath will get physically ill when they are around someone that is emotional.

Pro and Con

Being an empath has both pros and cons and being an empath can be tiring and painful. Empaths are people that feel emotionally drained at almost all time and they suffer health issues because of it.

When an empath is overly sensitive, it can cause them health problems and mental problems but there are many good things too.


An empathy has strong feelings but if they are able to control it and manage it, they can help others and learn to cope at the same time.


The cons of being an empath can be that you feel sickly when others are sick or highly emotional based on who you are around. Even if you cannot help someone, you feel their emotions and they can weigh you down.

Why Is Being an Empath Hurting You?

If you are overly sensitive and you are emotional and suffering, chances are you are experiencing some kind of emotional problems.

If you find that you struggle line different situations, you need to take time to calm down and back off. An empath will soak up the emotions of others and this can be painful and harmful for them because it can cause them to have emotional fatigue.

Chronic Adrenal Fatigue

When you are an empathy, you might experience chronic fatigue syndrome. This can be one of the worst things for an empath because they become overly tired and they take in the negative energies. This can cause them to be drained.

When an empath spends more time with emotional people, it can cause you to be exhausted and even depressed and cause you to face bad consequences in your life. This can come along with things such as: tiredness, body pains, tiredness, digestion problems, Addison’s disease, hair loss, body hair loss, stress and depression.

You can do things to stop feeling tired but choose healthy options and give up on things such as coffee and sugar because they will not help you. Try to get rest and eat healthily and exercise regularly. You can also meditate and relax each day so that you can feel better.

  • Diet

Try to get all the vitamins that you need and eat well.

  • Sleep

Get eight hours of sleep each night and have a good night sleep so that you can have a good attitude.

  • Negativity

Get rid of people in your life that are negative and try to be around people that are positive and helpful for you.

  • Learning to Control Emotions

There are ways an empath can learn to control their emotions so they can live powerful and happy lives. Here are a few ways:

  • Stop Energy Vampires

You have to stop being around people that are always negative. If you find that you feel sick or that you feel that you need to get away from certain people, do not feel that you are being selfish, just know that your emotions and your needs matter too.

You always are going to value others above your own self and you hate when people are sick or hurting but you always have to hate when it is happening to you.

An emotional vampire is one of the main reasons that an empath will have emotional negativity and tiredness and this is because they are always putting their negative feelings on you.

  • Energetic

There are both pros and cons of being an empath and this can include being around negative people that steal your energy, the good part of this is that you will also be able to get their positive energies and you can learn to appreciate the positiveness in your life.

  • Bubble

One way you can defend yourself is to put yourself in a bubble or a shield. You can do this with your imagination and this energy shield will protect you from negative energies going into your body.

  • Thoughts

Pay attention to your own thoughts and learn to manage the ones that are good and the ones that are not so good. Always be aware of what you are thinking and learn to have control over this.

  • Forgive

You can forgive others if you want to. Those that have strong emotions seem to have more emotional problems than other people and one way to heal your emotions is to forgive others.

  • Meditation

Learn to meditate and work through any pain that you are feeling. Learn to work through peace and create this peace by meditating and being quiet for a little bit.

  • Boundaries

It is okay to have boundaries. Empaths have a hard time saying no but when you do, you set boundaries and cause people to have more respect and care for you.

  • Nature

Take time to be in nature. Going into nature can revive you and help you to feel better.  Spend time walking barefoot and let your spirit sour.

  • Viewpoint

Change how you view things.  See the good in all things including negativity and in pain. Learn lessons that can help you along in your life and learn to find them important.

  • Health Issues

Avoid people that have health issues because when you are around this, sometimes you feel the other persons pain.  Avoid too much stress and when you feel that you have had enough, take time for you.


Being an empath can mean that you are important, and you have great traits. You have strong instincts that can help you to help others. Empaths are often creative and passionate and most of all, they have huge amounts of compassion.

An empath can cope with the cons of being an empath by doing these things:

  • Caring more for others than yourself.
  • Be sensitive and carrying.
  • Learn to control how you feel.

An empath might have a hard time sleeping and have information overload, but you can take care of your emotions and your thoughts by being in control of your feelings.

Make sure that you avoid conflict and violence and that you learn to recognize the feelings that you have so that you can make sure that you do not get easily influenced by the emotions of others. When you feel emotional pain or abuse, you can have your mechanism broken down and when it is worn down it can be a problem, but you can beat it.

Remember, having the gift of empath is a good thing and the more you feel the more you will learn to understand and know others. You will find that this kind of gift is the best gift and the most rewarding in your life.


  1. The distinction between empaths and highly sensitive people is crucial. It’s a common misconception that the two are the same.

  2. Understanding chronic adrenal fatigue and its impact on empaths is an important aspect that this article covers well.

  3. This article outlines the difficulties and benefits of being an empath quite well. It’s important for empaths to find a balance to maintain their health.


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