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Forgive Even If It Is Hard

After all the trouble that we experience in life… We often seek a completely new and fresh start but no matter how long we chase a new start… it seems that something is missing… It is forgiveness, we highly recommend accepting your past and facing all the harmful things you have buried deep inside. When that’s done, ask yourself; Am I ready to forgive? If the answer is yes, wonderful – do it! Announce your forgiveness of past actions out loud and let go of the pain connected to them.

If you feel that you cannot forgive, ask yourself; Why?

You must have a conscious, deep and meaningful conversation with yourself until you find the core reason that makes forgiving so hard for you. There are additional reasons why forgiving is beneficial to you besides spiritual self-purification.

1: Healing & Cathartic Release

Forgiving will lift the weight off of your heart and shoulders. We tend to hold on to anger and we are reluctant to forgive because wrongful influences have impacted us in such a way that we consider it injustice. We are unable to let negativity go for many reasons: desiring revenge, justice, an apology, recognition, closure, etc. The reality is that negativity is affecting you – and not the person you’re angry with, therefore it is solely impacting your life and not the lives of those who hurt you. You must release it – talk about it explain how you feel to the person who hurt you, write it down, scream or whatever – either of them are very effective for letting things go. Do whatever helps you release the grudges you might be holding.

2: Forgiveness

According to the Dalai Lama’s speech on Global Compassion, a selfish person must try to be altruistic, because that altruism will be repaid in their time of need. Similarly, forgiveness is something you must give in order to be blessed later in your life. Therefore, it’s tied to your own spiritual transformation and transcendence. Forgiveness is a prerequisite to becoming spiritually purified, and therefore, a part of your spiritual transformation.

Another very useful practice that takes you closer to forgiving is changing your perspective. Imagine yourself in the shoes of others and remove personal biases. Although, there may not be an excuse for someone’s actions, by viewing things from their perspective, you can gain insight that helps you let go. This practice greatly helps to be able to view others just as a similar human being like you. Note that your reluctance to let things go affects your ability to heal.

3: Karma 

It is better to leave your enemies to God, because Karma, the power of attraction and God’s judgment will handle them in a way that doesn’t negatively impact your Karma, like seeking revenge would. Do not wish anyone else harm, do not bear ill will toward them, or send negative “vibes” their way. Remember, what you put out comes back to you, based on the power of attraction. Start praying and forgive them for what they have done to liberate your Karma.

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