Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

Gazing into a crystal ball has been used by many spiritual guides, psychics and healers. This has been a part of life for many, even since ancient times. People that use gazing enter into a meditation state and they can see visions and get messages from the spirit beings. Gazing into a surface that is reflective or translucent is called scrying and this can be done with many kinds of stones and surfaces.

One famous person, Nostradamus, used an Obsidian mirror to do his predictive works. It is recommended that people that begin doing this will first use a clear stone such as a quartz crystal ball or a Smoky quartz crystal ball because they allow you to look at them and they are natural stones.

You have to find out which stone is the best one for you and know which stones you can use for gazing. A natural crystal can really help you to see what kind of psychic powers you have.

Steps for Gazing

When you choose to start gazing, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you cleanse your crystal ball. The crystal ball will pick up energies from the time it is made until the time that it is in your hands. You have to get rid of the negative energies and you should do this at least one day before you use it.


Make sure that you have a quiet space that is relaxing and not distracting. You can burn candles or incense but make sure that the room is quiet and dim. Allow your positive energies to come to your life.

Holding the Ball

Hold the crystal ball with both of your hands and if you have a large crystal ball, you can put it on a stand on the table in front of you. You need to touch the ball so that you can feel the energies and connect with the ball. Put both of your hands on the ball.


Breathe in deep and learn to relax. Also take time when you exhale. Keep doing this until you are able to relax your mind.


Stare or gaze into the crystal ball for a few minutes and allow the visions or messages to come to you. Never try to force the ball to do anything and you can see images in the imperfections of your crystal ball.

Use the images that come to you, in your mind or in the crystal ball to focus on your higher self. Focus on the divine energy and do this as long as you need to.


When you finish your scrying, thank your angels or your spiritual guides for the wisdom that they have given you. Thank them for giving you messages.


Take deep breathes and tell yourself to wake up. Exhale as you do. Once you come from your trance, allow yourself to build up your energies. Reflect on what you have experienced and drink some water to hydrate yourself.