How To Get Him Back The Right Way

Get Him Back the Right Way

If you are reading this, I am 100% sure you are interested in knowing how to get your ex back after a breakup.

There are plenty of ways to go about this kind of thing, but the reality is it is not easy, and many of them are ineffective, and not all of them will work for every guy. Each case is different.

You know him best, so check out these tips and choose the ones you think will affect your guy best.

  • Tip 1: Ask to talk to him by making him think it was his idea.

This may sound hard, but it really is not.

When you two are talking (many couples who have broken up still talk to each other), let him know that you have regrets about how the relationship ended and that maybe he will share them with you one day the reasons.

Leave it at that and move on to lighter topics of conversation.

He may not do it right away, but he will eventually have that conversation with you and think that since he initiated it, it was really his idea.

Passing the power to him makes him feel more in control of the situation and, therefore, much more likely to open up to you.

It sounds weird, but it is true.

  • Tip 2: Give him a few weeks of no contact after the breakup.

The time will allow him to have some space and begin to miss you.

Once you hear from him again (they always call you at some point after the breakup), you should let him know that you agree with the breakup and hope you can still be friends.

Once he knows that you are okay with not being with him, he will want you back almost immediately.

Men always want what they think they can no longer have, and your man will be no different.

  • Tip 3: Drop small tidbits to stir his memory.

While you do not want to call him constantly, do contact him occasionally just to keep you on his mind.

For instance, you can text him that you have just watched a movie that made you think of him since you saw it for the first time together.

Then throw in something casual such as asking him how he has been.

Do not text him again until he answers the first message, and even then, text him back only if he seems to be keeping up a conversation.

If he simply texts back, “I’m good,” then drop it for now and try again later.

  • Tip 4: Act like you just don’t care.

If you run into him somewhere, pretend he means nothing to you.

Do not be rude but do act indifferent to seeing him.

It will drive him nuts wondering why you are suddenly not pining for him.

These are all great how to get him back after a breakup tips, so choose one or try them all because one is bound to work!

This is one question that troubles the mind of all those that are not confident about themselves. If you are worth a second chance, your ex will have to give you that, as doing otherwise will be their loss.

Here is what you need to do so that your ex will take you back willingly:

  • Don’t expect fairy tale endings
    If you expect a fairy tale ending, you are very wrong. Such happy reunions happen only in fairy tales. In real life, your ex will want you back only if you bring something valuable to the table.
  • Accept your faults
    First, take ownership of your mistakes without commenting or pointing out your ex. Your ex will have to deal with his introspection themselves. Each one has to deal with their demons in the relationship game.
  • Promise to change for the better
    Just accepting your mistakes is no solution. You will have to ensure that they are not repeated again, and for that, you will have to train and retrain yourself. This takes time, and you must be patient until you have internalized all the changes.
  • Deliver more than you promised
    Your ex expects certain changes in you as you expect them to change. However, surprise your ex by delivering more than they expected. Be a better person on many fronts, and help your ex make a decision in your favor.
  • Don’t overdo the apology act
    One honest and dignified apology is enough. Overdoing it devalues you, and your ex will not like it. Also, don’t expect your ex to apologize whenever you meet them.
  • Get an image makeover
    Prove to your ex that you are worth dating and that others find you attractive enough to woo you actively. Change the way you dress and carry yourself. Lose the extra pounds if you have grown thick in the waist or on the hips. Just changing yourself on the outside will yield short-term results. If you want to be with your ex permanently, then change from within too.
  • Ask your ex out
    After the initial few weeks and after you have reconnected with your ex, test the waters by asking your ex out. If your ex likes the changes and is flattered by the new look you are sporting, they will surely agree to your proposal. That will be the answer to your question.

After a breakup, many people continue calling their ex. We often just cannot resist the urge to talk to our ex because we are still in love with them. Though you may want your ex back, there are different ways to go about winning them back. Instead of making yourself appear needy, you can do many other things to make your ex long to be with you again.

  • Stay Occupied With Friends
    Instead of annoying your ex by calling, stay occupied by going out with friends. Make plans and go on trips to keep your mind off picking up the phone every few hours. This will give you more things to focus on.
  • Associate Yourself With Guys
    Find someone new to keep your attention off of your ex. Since you are already going to be out with friends, you might as well get to know people better. This doesn’t mean that you forgot about your ex. It just means that you are trying to keep your thoughts from returning to him.
  • Get Away
    Take a vacation to clear your head. Since you have just been through a breakup, a vacation could be just what you need. Staying at home thinking about your ex is only going to tempt you even more. So instead, take some quality time to get your thoughts together.
  • Reassure Yourself
    Reassure yourself that maybe you are better off not calling him. You don’t want to dig yourself too big of a hole, or else you might have trouble getting out if he doesn’t want you back. So ignore him for a while and see if he comes to you first.
  • Get Rid of His Number
    The only way you are going not to appear needy is by not calling anymore. So get rid of his number, erase it from your phone, and forget you ever had it. This is the best way not to feel tempted to call him.
  • Actions
    Sometimes actions will speak louder than words. Instead of calling him, show him how you feel through your actions. You want him to call you first instead of you constantly calling him.
  • Stay Active
    Stay active through activities that you enjoy. This will keep you busy, which is exactly what you need. If you don’t stay active, you are allowing your mind to wander back to him. The more you think of him, the more you are going to try calling him.