Get Them to Call Without Telling Them

Get Them to Call Without Telling Them

We all desire connection in life, but sometimes life gets so busy that we do not even hear from friends. Perhaps you do not want to call and be a bother to someone but would love to hear from them. Using your natural psychic abilities is one way to get in contact with those with whom you may have lost touch. The process is simple, but it may take some practice.

Getting Started

The key is to start building up your psychic abilities using telepathy to ask a friend to call. Start with friends you are close to in order to build up these abilities before trying for those you have not spoken to for longer periods of time. To get started, think about your close friend by picturing them in your mind. If you have trouble doing this, hold and stare at a photo of the person. Imagine this person calling you within 24 hours. Focus on the person calling you within that time frame and send the intention out into the universe. Write down the time that you set and put this intention into the world, and then wait to see if that person calls. If not, try again to connect psychically with the same person. Practice makes perfect in this form of psychic development.

Once you are regularly connecting with those close to you, then try to telepathically connect to those you have not heard from for several weeks or even years. Make sure that you make no other contact with the person so you are strengthening your psychic abilities. Record when you send out the intention and whether or not the person calls. If the person does call, do not be surprised if they mention feeling like a need to call suddenly came over them. Enjoy a conversation with an old friend, and know that you can connect telepathically at any time.

Sometimes we all need to reach out but cannot make the call. Reaching out telepathically can be a good first step and great practice for your psychic powers. The true test is keeping track of the intentions you send out to the universe and following up to see if it is working. You may not be successful on your first few attempts, but keep trying. Also, know that some people may not be open to receiving your message, so the call may never come. This is why it is important to practice on those close to you at first to see if the messages are being sent.


Give it a try today by choosing a person to connect with and setting your intention. If the call comes, then know you are on the right track and mention that you were just thinking about the caller to gauge their reaction. Keep trying to connect with those you desire no matter where they are in the world.