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A Very High Psychic Sensitivity and What To Do With It

headache-woman-grimaceHave you ever had headaches when you’re around certain people for no apparent reason? Then, you’ll find out  that headache goes away when that person’s far enough? Or do experience the same thing with tiredness-whether that person is in front of you or on the phone? Do you get waves of anxiety when you are in crowds? When someone you care about is suffering, do you feel their pain inside your own body?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be experiencing the effects of hyper psychic sensitivity.

Cutting edge science has proven that when you look at another person across a room, just the mere act of your observation affects the way the cells interact in that person’s body. There is also research which proves we have the ability to influence other people’s emotions and thoughts (and to be influenced by others), regardless of our physical contact with them.

Psychic Sensitivity – According To Top Scientists, We All Experience This

download-3Have you ever felt someone looking at you while sitting in traffic, and then turned your head to catch someone staring at you? This is just a minor example of psychic sensitivity, phenomena which can sometimes occur on a much deeper level, and sometimes with more profound effects. Sometimes this sensitivity has its benefits. For example, if you meet a new potential mate or business partner, it’s good to be able to sense that person’s true motivations on a psychic level before you make any decisions concerning that person.

On the other hand, if psychic sensitivity isn’t harnessed and under your control, at times, it can be more of a curse than a blessing. One of the most intense examples of psychic over-sensitivity I’ve encountered was a gentleman who couldn’t shake anyone else’s hand because he would get psychic flashes in his own mind of all the trauma the person had experienced in their life. As you can imagine, this was quite painful for this gentleman to experience.

Through various methods, I was able to teach this man how to control the ability, to turn it on and off like an electrical switch. He also was able to filter what psychic information he received when he was using the ability.

This is much better than shutting the ability off altogether, an ability that could be used to make his life easier and maybe help some other people along the way.

Psychic sensitivity, when managed properly, can be a powerful tool to help you transform your life – with relationships, your career, business, and personal awareness.

In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill referred to intuition, or psychic sensitivity, as the “Temple of Wisdom”. He called it the most powerful aspect of our subconscious mind. It’s what separates the genius from the average person.

Although over the years I’ve taught more people how to strengthen psychic sensitivity, I’ve encountered other situations where students needed help with controlling psychic over-sensitivity. A more common example is individuals who dream at night about all the murders occurring in their local city. When someone is killed, especially violently, it puts out a strong “psychic charge” which is easy to pick up if you don’t have control over your internal awareness. As you can imagine, this can create quite a bit of discomfort in one’s life.

Methods For Controlling Psychic Sensitivity

If you experience psychic over-sensitivity, the good news is that you don’t have to be a “psychic sponge” for the rest of your life, soaking up other people’s stuff. The catch is that you may have to do a little work to get control over your psychic sensitivity. If you are experiencing this, even occasionally, here are some beginning level techniques that should help you to get control of your experience.

The first method has to do with learning how to control your curiosity. Curiosity has a strong influence over what information you receive psychically. For example, if you are at a hospital walking by rooms of people who are sick, and you allow yourself to get curious about what is wrong with each person, you are likely to get “psychic feedback” from each person. If you are highly psychically sensitive, your may feel the pain of each person in your own body.

When you catch yourself getting curious about something which will not benefit you to know, immediately shift your focus to something more productive. For example, if you see an ambulance racing by with sirens roaring, if you ask yourself “I wonder what’s wrong with the person in the ambulance?” immediately shift your thinking to something like “I send healing to whomever that person is and now, what do I need to do today to make a better life for myself and the people I care about?” From there, put your attention on what it is that you need to do next (make a phone call, sort some paperwork, run an errand, etc).

Control Your Psychic Ability – Simply Keep Your Mind Out Of Other People’s Business

The next technique, which requires a bit more practice, involves controlling what many spiritual disciplines refer to as your “energy field.” Start by finding a quiet room where you can practice undisturbed for a few minutes. Sit down and get yourself relaxed.

Now pick a simple object in the room which is a few feet from your body, such as a doorknob. Now close your eyes and imagine being right next to the door knob, as if you were a fly sitting on top of it. Now imagine being a little point at the ridge of your nose inside your body. Now imagine being on the doorknob again, as if everything you are is at that location. Shift back and forth from being at the doorknob to being at the ridge of your nose for a few minutes.

With some occasional practice, you should start to feel a “shift” when moving back and forth. The eventual goal is to be able to “energetically shift” your awareness completely inside of your body. This is good to do when walking through a crowd of people – it will allow you to pick up less psychic garbage from those around you. You can look around at people, while at the same time holding your “energy field” into your body.

Of course, if you want to get a psychic sense of someone or something, you can shift your “energy field” onto that person/object. From there you pay attention to any new emotions, thoughts, etc you are feeling. With some practice, you can use this technique as a powerful method for attaining psychic based information for other people, objects, and events.

These are beginning level techniques, but they can be very helpful if you are too psychically sensitive at times.

The Most Import Thing – Keep Practicing And Pay Attention To The Results You Achieve Through These Exercises

self-esteem-and-confidenceThe important thing is to start taking action. This is what I personally decided to do many years ago – I had no interest in just sitting there being a victim to circumstance to so many things like this in life.

I took it upon myself to study in-person with a formal Military Intelligence Project (US Air Force) that was centered around developing and controlling psychic ability. I studied with the founder of this project for about 15 years.

Then, I ended up working with literally the most famous psychic in the world, I gained so much training and experience under my belt over the years that it just seemed selfish to not pass this on to the people who need it. This is what let to me developing the Life Mastery Program

The point I’m making is that if you want change, do whatever you have to do to get this change.

Now you may not need to go to the extremes that I have, but if you want change, I would suggest doing something about it instead of just “sitting in it.”

As many of my students have over the years, you may be able to achieve major control over your psychic sensitivity with just a little bit of training and practice.

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