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Unlocking the Sixth Sense

sixth senseEveryone has intuition. We have the ability to process the knowledge without knowing we are doing it.  Everyone is born with a certain amount of intuition.  We use it to interact with our world in our day to day life.

If you have ever found yourself drawn to a place or object without knowing why, or had a hunch when selecting something, this is a sign of your intuition guiding you.

In addition to guiding us to something, our intuition can lead us away from danger.   If you have ever met someone and felt that there was something off or just not right about the person or situation, that is your intuition honing in on the energies of the person or place.

Since our inherent intuition guides us without our knowing it, we can further unlock our sixth sense for further guidance and help.


eye sense

Mediation causes you to calm yourself and relax your mind.  This is the perfect time to open yourself to further communication with the spirit world. Still yourself and breathe and open yourself up to connecting.  If this type of meditation isn’t for you, you can do a mediation while walking in nature. You can also try writing or opening up your artistic side to calm your brain.

Quiet Time

Find some time in your day, not a lot, just ten minutes or so  to isolate yourself from the world and really check in with yourself.  Notice your feelings during this quite time.  Once you are still you can ask your intuition to guide you through a decision that may be troubling you.  Be sure to record your findings or anything else that comes to you during this quiet time.

Energy sensing

use your intuition

This is a very simple process. You can do this alone or with someone else.  First calm your mind and quiet yourself. Once you are relaxed, concentrate on the heart center.  Notice how it feels. Sense the energies and feelings that come from this area.  You can also try this with any other energy sources such as the third eye or the throat. This simple process of focusing on your enemies will open you up to your own psychic awareness.

Signs & Symbols

Be aware of things that repeat.  These can be symbols or numbers that you see in your world.  This repetition can be a sign for the world or a spirit guide trying to catch your attention. It is up to you to interpret these signs.


When we dream we are especially receptive to the messages from our intuition. Keeping a dream journal can help you keep track of recurring symbols and themes. Crystals can help clarify your dreams.

Practice the things on this list and open your mind and senses to the world around you. This will help unlock your sixth sense and reinforce your intuition.

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