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How a Psychic Reading Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

Psychic reports many interesting threads they encounter during their readings.  No matter the question posed, their goal is always to help resolve the issue and convey the profound spiritual message being sent to their clients.  By getting to the root issue, the psychic is able to help the client discover their gifts and life purpose.

Everyone has been sent to Earth as equals.  Each has a unique physical body and talents, but we all have deep desire to grow personally and spiritually.  The challenges we face are meant to free us from our fears and learn valuable lessons.  Dr. Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist and authors of Journey of Souls, discusses the concept of a “soul pod,” or cohort we interact with during our spiritual period between lifetimes.  When we get sent to Earth, we continue our bond.  Sometimes we instantly recognize our spirit friends in their human form, and feel a strong connection to them.  They may appear as treasured family, friends, lovers or teachers.  Yet, they can also manifest as advisories that challenge us in ways that allow us to grow.  In the words of Buddha: “Imagine every person in the world is enlightened but you.  They are all your teachers, each doing the right things to help you learn perfect patience wisdom, and compassion.”

Growth arises from any challenge.  Never condone behavior that is reckless or cruel.  But notice how tough situations empower us to become spiritually stronger and release unhelpful patterns.  Lessons from our challenges reveal themselves in hindsight, when we can see our growth.  Although it will be difficult, pay attention to what you have learns, gifts your have gain, and your new placement on your life’s journey.

The spirit world tells us, no matter our human problems, it will never harm your essence as a Being of Light.  What is truly important is that we acknowledge and embrace our passions, interests, and skills so we may offer them as acts of service to the world.  Embrace the silence, so you may learn everything in life has a purpose.  There are no mistakes or coincidences.  Each experience is a blessing of insight.  Areas the block our gifts or blur our spiritual wisdom are featured so that we may do the necessary work to grow and achieve our life’s purpose.  At your next psychic reading, ask your advisor what Spirit is asking of you.  How does this message relate to your life purpose?  As you grow in your journey your peace and alignment will minimize the struggles of everyday living and empower you to succeed in your soul’s mission.

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