How to Be Your Own Guru

Be Your Own Guru

Everyone has psychic gifts, and people just have to learn to move forward in their life and know how to use them.

People do not always believe that they are psychic, but everyone is born with this gift. It takes work and devotion to increase these gifts and to become stronger. You can become your own guru when you commit to this gift and choose to use your knowledge and powers.

You must understand that everyone has time and energy to look for people who can heal their minds, body, and soul. However, even though many people can do these things for you, there are things you can seek in your own self that can prove to you that you do not need an expert but can depend on yourself.

How can you be your own guru? Find out how:


If you believe someone can help you, you give your ideas and power to this person. Instead of following after what they tell you to do, you choose to follow your own path and do your own thing. You look at yourself and the power that you have.

The people that you seek to help you learn just like you are learning, so instead of trying to give them power and look at them like they are better, learn to look at yourself.

What kind of things have you been told that have helped to make your life better? How can you take those ideas and messages and use them for yourself and to help others? You are already a spiritual guide on this earth because you have been given power from the universe. All you have to do is pass on what you know.

Your Values

You need to learn to choose to believe in yourself. Knowledge is like a seed, and when you plant it, it helps you grow and become a better person.

When you hear something that changes your life, you can make this message work for you and help it to work for others. If you don’t understand what you hear, learn about it, and decide what you are going to do with the message.

Spread light to others and share messages of peace and hope. You can be one of the best teachers out there if you spread what you have learned.

Do Something New

Learn to find your inner guru, and here is how:

  • Think of your spirit guide and write about what you are looking for in a guru. Focus on the strengths and qualities of this person and what you think is important. Then, find out what you need most and what would be the most helpful if you were their student.
  • Once you write your letter, ask your guides to show you themselves.
  • Listen to what your guides tell you. Find out if the guru that they are sending to you is a reflection of who you are. Ask for a description and to have the guides show you your qualities.
  • Read your letter again and put your own name in the place where you wrote guru. Then, learn to empower yourself to be your very own guru.


  1. The article offers a refreshing perspective on personal empowerment and self-guidance. It would be helpful to see more empirical data or anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that everyone possesses psychic abilities.

  2. Encouraging individuals to see themselves as their own guru can lead to significant personal transformation. However, it might be challenging for some to shift their mindset from seeking external validation to believing in their inner power.

  3. The concept that everyone is born with psychic abilities is intriguing. It challenges the conventional reliance on external guidance and promotes self-empowerment. However, I’m curious about the methods recommended for individuals to enhance these abilities practically.

  4. The emphasis on self-reliance and finding one’s inner guru is a fascinating approach. It might foster a deeper sense of personal responsibility and growth. What are some proven techniques or practices to connect more closely with one’s spirit guide?

    • In my experience, meditation and journaling have been effective ways to connect with my spirit guide. They provide clarity and help in understanding the messages from within.

  5. The idea that knowledge is like a seed, and its growth depends on how we nurture it is a powerful metaphor. It’s essential to highlight that the journey to self-discovery and becoming one’s own guru requires patience, consistency, and a willingness to learn.


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