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Bless a Home

How to Bless a Home

Blessing an object can done at any time, but it can be most effective during the start of a new month or during a new moon.  You can choose to do this solo or with other members of your household, including your pets!  During a blessing the goal is to infuse your home with an abundance of positive energy.

Performing a house blessing is helpful since people have energetic relationships with their surroundings.  The energy of a home impacts moods, creativity, thoughts and desires.  Having a blessed home elevates all the goodness in the lives of its residents.  Consider how the home is essentially an extensive of the family residing within.  Blessing the home serves to bless the other facets of your life.  It establishes healthy boundaries and a precedence for anyone’s actions, residents and visitors included.  If you feel heaviness within your house, a blessing will naturally facilitate more peace, love, joy, health, gratitude, positivity, abundance, and harmony to reside within its walls.

11 Simple steps to bless your house

  1. Set a positive intention and gather a candle, a crystal, and the participants.
  2. Clean your space and clothes. This includes, but it not limited to organizing items, dusting, sweeping, washing, and moping.  Encourage more natural daylight and fresh air to enter by opening up the blinds, windows, and if possible, doors.  Create a feeling of openness, especially with things that have shut tight for a while.  Purge items either in the trash or through donation that you no longer require.
  3. Start the blessing at any entry point to you home like the front door with a prayer like “Bless all those who call this space home. Blessed on the feet who bring joy into this house.  Blessed be this house with positivity, good health, and abundance.”
  4. Meditate focusing on the most loving, positive and divine energy possible. Spread this loving energy by visualizing it radiating out to every coroner of every room in your home.
  5. Ask your families’ guides, deities, ancestors, and angels to remove all negativity from your treasured space.
  6. Spread your presence throughout the house by walking all around and within with your aura as expanded as possible. This will enable your energy to take priority and ground the space with your intentions and visualizations.
  7. Harness your voice with positive affirmations like “I love you.” Dialogue with your home by asking it questions like “Do you agrees to release all negativity and toxic energy and only store what benefits this family?”
  8. Enter every room of your house, spending time in each corner and recite something positive while visualize positive energy to grow and amplify. Invite your family’s guides, deities, ancestors and ancestors to intensify this energy and protect it as broadly as need to keep your home and loved ones safe.
  9. You may choose to place a candle or crystal as symbol of your benevolent intentions. It may be helpful to have a candle or object that reflect the four elements.
  10. End the blessing ritual with a prayer similar to the following, but above all, trust your intuition to steer you in the right direction. “Great Spirit, All-Loving Deity bless this home forever.  May peace always dwell here.  May joy and laughter echo throughout each room.  May the gift of emotional and spiritual support always find a seat at our table.  May friendship and following thrive here.  Send your angels of light to reside within the walls of this house to guard and guide those who live and visit here.  Let this place be a sanctuary on earth – so mote it be. Amen”
  11. Celebrate the ritual by inviting other loved ones over to fill the space with new wonderous memories and joy. Make a commitment to be consistent with your spiritual work.  The more you perform similar rites, the stronger you become at manifesting loving energy so you will feel safe anywhere you go.

One final, but impactful note.  Bless you any home you are about to sell and watch it fly off the market over your asking price!

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