How to Cut Energy Cords

Cut Energy Cords

Energy cords are things that are attached to people mentally and emotionally. Attachments are things that are connected to you, and this can be people, thoughts and even things. Everything has energy and when you have a bond connected to you then this is likely an energy cord.

When you have emotional changes, you will see that this can be a cause of energy cords. Energy cords can have positive and negative energies, and this can work through your chakras.

Energy will flow through everything and the emotional attachments that you have will bind you to something. Everyone has these cords attached to something and this can be different things, ideas, traditions, and relationships.

Why Cut Your Energy Cords?

Energy cords can be good or bad. They can take your energy and they can bring courage and they can give you power. If you are connected to good people, then having an energy cord with this person can be a good thing and it can help you to grow.

If you have a connection with people that bring you jealousy and obsession, then you will have an unhealthy mindset to this. This can lead to habits and negative actions in your life.

The cords can change your energy and even if the cords are positive or negative, it is a good idea to cut some of these cords. You can cut these cords differently. You can use crystals or stones, or you can meditate. As you focus on the cords, you can cut them, and they can then fill you with positive energies.

What Energy Cords Do You Have?

Before you start cutting energy cords, it is important to know what kinds of cords you have. The chakras will show you how to look at your physical and mental state. The chakras will change energy and you will see that this affects your life.

As you have different emotions it is the heart chakra that you will feel these emotions through. Cut the energy cords that are both positive and negative so that you can have an open mindset. You can see positive things can happen to you as you get rid of these bonds.

Negative Energies

Negative cords can bring negative energy, and this can cause you to have physical symptoms and to have bad feelings inside of you. This can cause you to feel nauseous or to have a loss of breath.

The Solar Plexus also can help you to know if you feel threatened or if you have someone in your life that will need to be broken. This can be people you know or people in the community around you.

Energy cords should bring you energy and not make you feel tired or drained. If a cord is negative, it will drain you.

Positive Energy Cords

There are positive cords that you can be connected with and even though these are positive, it can cause you to feel stressed because it can overload you. You need to share the abundance of your love and compassion with others.

As you see yourself grow, reach out to others, and make sure that you are taking care of the cords that are positive. But, if you need to, you can cut these cords so that you can have peace and calmness. Cutting good energy cords gives you space to be able to have other energy cords that can help your journey.

Cutting Energy Cords

When you are in an emotional bond with someone and you know that it is no longer helping you, you need to cut the cord. People will often think that this is hard, but you can do it by meditating and it can be instant.

You can use a few simple things in order to cut energy cords and if you want to go deeper with it, talk to a healer or a psychic.

Make Your Space Available

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your space is available and cleansed. Cleanse it by smudging the area or do it outside such as in your garden. Then make your place comfortable by putting down some pillows to sit on or a yoga mat. Do whatever will make you most comfortable.

Put candles and crystals around your area and make sure that you are using ones that have a positive meaning in your life.

Clear the Mind

Next, clear your mind so that you aren’t triggered by feelings or emotions. This is a way that you can get rid of the energy cord. Close your eyes and say a mantra that is positive. Say positive affirmations out loud so that you can increase your vibrational frequency as you speak to them.

Imagine the Cords

Imagine that the cords are there, and you can see them and touch them. Look at the ones that you feel that you need to take care of. You will see different energy cords in your life.

Take time to make sure that you don’t cut the ones that are strong for you or the ones that keep you safe and grounded. These are ones that will grow along the floor and will go down into the dirt. Pay attention to the energies that still help you.

Be mindful and look at your body and the cords that are there. Find the ones that bring you discomfort or pain. These are the ones that you are going to need to cut. What does the cord look like? Most negative cords look messy or tangled.

Pay Attention to the Cord

Now that you know which cord is which, you have to get rid of the strands and the tangles. These are from relationships, connections and other types of energies that might no longer serve you.

Once you find the cord that is negative and you are bound to it, imagine that you are holding this and that you are aware of the connection and that you need to get rid of it. Imagine having scissors in your hand and that you are using them to cut your cord. You can also imagine a knife or a sword.

Be Light

Keep meditating as you imagine these cords and then as you cut them, know that you are going to heal. This energy cord might bleed out and you might feel sad at first and this is okay. Allow yourself to be emotional as you tie off the cord.

Brush your hands over the energy cords that are positive and know that they are there for you to bring goodness and to help you to grow. Breath deep and allow yourself to increase your energy and to bring positivity to your life. Be thankful for the cords being broken for you.

Do It Again

Once you do this, you might need to do it again. Afterwards though, you can take a salt bath and use essential oils to make you stronger. Do this to cleanse your chakras and to bring peace to your life.

Using Crystals to Cut Energy Cords

There are different crystals that you can use to cut your energy cords such as:

  • Selenite

This crystal works with the crown chakra and can clear your mind and let you see the cords that you need to cut. You can also use a selenite rod or wand.

  • Black Tourmaline

This crystal is a protective crystal, and it can be used to cut out negative energy cords out of your life. This can be heated and can have an electrical charge. Use this with positive energy flow.

Final Thoughts

Cutting energy cords might be stressful but it is the best thing that you can do in your life. Get rid of things that no longer serve you and learn to live a better and happier life.


  1. The article suggests using crystals and meditation to sever energy cords. I wonder how effective these methods are compared to traditional psychological techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy.

  2. Cutting negative energy cords to improve emotional well-being sounds beneficial. However, it might be challenging for some individuals to distinguish between positive and negative cords without external guidance.

  3. The concept of energy cords as emotional and mental attachments is intriguing. It seems like a blend of spiritual and psychological ideas. I’m curious if there is any empirical evidence supporting the effects of cutting such cords.

  4. The idea of using the heart chakra to understand emotional attachments is an interesting method. This might complement traditional mindfulness practices that aim to enhance self-awareness.

  5. While the spiritual practice of cutting energy cords can offer a sense of relief, it would be worthwhile to explore how this aligns with or differs from the mental health benefits associated with detaching from toxic relationships in a more clinical setting.


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