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Ghost Spirits

How to Get Ghost Spirits Out of Your Home

People often have a fear of ghosts, and this can happen because you hear spirits in your house. This can be someone that you loved that has passed away or it can be a poltergeist experience. Some people have spirits that are inhabiting their home and they want to communicate. Instead of removing them, find out what they want and what they are trying to say to you.


A poltergeist is a German word that means “loud spirit.” This is a ghost, but it doesn’t mean that it is a ghost that is out scaring people. Sometimes you can talk to a ghost and tell it to leave and sometimes you have evil spirits that invade your home. There are some spirits that like to play and have fun, but they can be scary to look at.

When you think about what a poltergeist is, you need to realize that each one will be different where some want to make your home scary, others are just trying to get your attention. No matter what kind of spirit is in your home though, you need to let them know that it is your house and not theirs. If they do things that you do not like and you need to get the ghost out of your home, try things such as smudging and cleansing to change the energy in your home and get them to leave.

There are many places that have talked about ghosts being there such as the Queen Mary cruise ship. This is thought to have a lady that dances around the home and she was someone that was accidently killed on the boat by being crushed.

In the 70’s, Thornton Health that is found in England were bothered by spirits where things would fly through the house, lamps would turn on and off and more. The family found someone that would bless the home and the activity stopped.

Poltergeist is even a movie by Stephen Spielberg where there was a curse on the home. When they did this film, four people that were members of the cast died and many believed that this was because of a ghost.

During the sequel of this movie, there were similar things that happened to the cast and one person did a real exorcism to get rid of spirits. Even one actress died during the filming. Some believe this is just coincidence while others believe it might have been a spirit.

A ghost or a poltergeist is one that can often move objects or make sounds. They will throw things and sometimes they will whisper. Sometimes ghosts are just doing their own thing when you run into them, they might try to communicate with you so that you know that they are there.

Sometimes you are aware that there are ghosts that are visiting you and doing things in your home. They might want you to leave your home or they might be upset with you for something that happened while they were on earth. They might just want to tell you they are angry.

If you feel a spirit in your home and it hasn’t gotten your attention, it might just be there minding its own business. Other spirits will do things to make you notice them such as moving lamps, swinging chandeliers and more.

Moving Objects

When objects start moving and falling off tables and cabinets, they can cause people to realize that they might have a ghost in their home. Not all spirits will do these things, but some will.


You may hear the voice of a spirit. It might startle you, but the spirit might say things that you don’t understand or say something to joke with you. This can be someone that died reaching out to you or it can be a person that is just trying to communicate with you.


This can be seen out of the corner of your eye when you see something move. It can also be an orb or something that is energy around you.


Some people feel ghosts touch them or tap them but do not see anything. They will feel something rub their face or they will feel body heat even though no one is there.

Some people are very fearful of spirits, and they think they will be possessed but this is not always true. Some people cast out ghosts and they get rid of them, but everyone has a spirit inside of themselves.

Spirits can attach to your home, and you can ask them to leave which is the easiest way to get rid of them. If they don’t, you can tell them to leave and then if they are visiting, they might be visiting a pet that they have left when they died.

Ghost Apps

People wonder about ghost apps on their mobile phone, and these are basically radars. These things do not really work and even though the app can be fun to use, the app cannot really detect ghosts in your home.

You can find people online that talk to ghosts, and they can show you how to communicate with them and how to know when they are around.

Spirits and Having Dreams

Some spirits will visit you in your dreams. If you dream of someone that you have loved that has died or you dream something and it gives you information, chances are there is a spirit that is giving you these dreams. They will give you messages so that you can get the answers you are seeking or so that you can be warned.

Some people have nightmares of spirits holding them down or some even experience sleep paralysis which is when a ghost comes and stops you from moving.

A dream interpreter can interpret your dreams and can help you to have protection from spirits that come to visit you. If the dead wants to tell you something, let them come and communicate with you and things will be fine.

Ouija Board

There are many movies where people use the Ouija Board to play and call on spirits. They think this is fun. Some will think that the board is full of demons and that it can become possessed.

Even though these are movies, you need to not play with a Ouija Board. Doing this can cause the spirits to show up and be angry with you. These are things that you should never play with and sometimes even strangers come because you call them out of the Ouija Board, and this is disrespectful. If this happens, apologize to them immediately.

Plain Speaking

Spirits that talk to you like a human will say your name openly. You can talk to them plainly and communicate with them. Do not be afraid.


There are rituals that you can perform to talk to spirits. This is a way that you can welcome them into your life and into your home. You can observe them and find out more about them.

You can do this by lighting a candle and by setting out a plate of food for them to eat or give them something to drink. You will feel them come into the room.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is one way that spirits communicate. A person will go into meditation and the spirit will take over. If the spirit wants to talk, it will talk to you while you write. Make sure that you are able to relax and be calm when this happens.

Mirrors and Pictures

People believe that when a mirror faces a window that the spirit will reflect things into the home such as spirits. This is not really a way that spirits come into the home but if you are afraid of this then you can smudge your home to keep it cleansed. This will help to protect you and your loved ones.

If you have a picture in your home, there are times where the spirits can show themselves. If you see an orb in a photograph, chances are the spirit was visiting at that time.


A psychic medium is someone that can communicate with the spirit world. They can get messages and they can call on the spirits to come to them. They can be found online and can talk to you on email or even on the phone if you need to talk to the spirit world.

Protection from Ghosts

You need to make sure your home is protected form spirits. Remember that the spirit can be respectful, or it can be mean, and you need to be in control. When you speak to a bad spirit, talk loudly, and tell them that it is your home, and you want them to leave. If you have people in your home that are sick or afraid, tell the spirit to stop and to leave you and your family alone.

Ask the spirit what it wants and see if it gives you a sign or an answer. If you don’t understand what it is trying to tell you, tell it. If you cannot get an answer and you are afraid, find someone that gets rid of ghosts and can get the spirit to go.

Do not be afraid of ghosts that come into your home because most of the time they are there to love and respect you. If you are experiencing bad things though, set our foot down and make them follow your rules.

Make sure that your home is full of peace and love and that any spirits that come in know that you have boundaries and that you are there to make sure the boundaries are kept.

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