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Bad Karma in Life

How to Get Rid of Bad Karma in Life

Do you believe in karma? Do you feel that you have bad karma in your life because you hurt someone in the past or that karma is showing up because you are always in the worst kinds of relationships?

Why do you think things like this are happening to you? Do you believe that you store bad karma in your life? You can get rid of your bad karma, and you can learn to start manifesting good things in your life.

These are ways that you can get rid of bad karma fast and where you can learn to live your best life ever.

Knowing You Have Bad Karma

People often wonder if they have bad karma because of the things that are happening to them in life. There are signs that you can look for to know if you have bad karma or not such as the people that you are attracted to and the situations that you find yourself in.

The relationship that you have with others will be a sign if you have karma that is good or bad. If you are being cheated on, this can mean that you have past bad karma which means that you probably cheated in your past life.

Here are some other signs that you have bad karma:

  • Have a hard time having good relationships.
  • Feel hopeless.
  • Always feel negative.
  • Want to get revenge.
  • Want to hurt someone.
  • Have no extra money.
  • Are not able to attract friends or make new friends.
  • Do not have abundance.

Bad Karma

When someone hurts you the first thing that you want to do is to get revenge. When this happens then you will create bad karma. You have to learn to look at the things going on inside of you and the actions that you take so that you do not make more bad karma in your life.

If you have someone hurting you, you should never want to get revenge, but you need to keep things positive.

Karma doesn’t forget and it will always come back to you and everyone else. You need to use these times to work on yourself to become better.

Bad Intentions

You need to make sure that you have good intentions in your job, your relationships and everything that you do. If you want someone else to hurt or suffer then you are creating bad karma. Make sure that you are not creating this by getting jealous.

Being Irresponsible

Do not ever live your life without being responsible for what you are and who you are. Pay attention to what you are doing and make sure that you are doing good things no matter what is happening.

Seeing Others Hurt

You should never want to hurt anyone because this will give you bad karma.


Judging others can bring bad karma in your life. You need to focus on yourself and making yourself better and not on putting others down or judging them.

Having Bad Karma in Life

There are things that you can do to get rid of the karma that is in your life. This doesn’t mean that you will have an easy life, it just means you are living a better life.

Being Sorry

When you hurt someone, you need to learn to apologize. Doing this will give you positive action and will take away your karma that is bad.

Be Responsible

Learn to be responsible for the things that you do. Do not put your mistakes on other people. If you feel pain, you need to face it and be responsible for what you did wrong.


Take time to journal what is going on in your life. Write down actions that you can take to better who you are. Be responsible for the things that you do.

Do Different

When you have something going on wrong in your life then you need to look at it and face it. You need to do something different. Here are some things you can do differently:

  • Know that you need to do something different.
  • Look at the situation and leave it if you need to.
  • If you feel pain in your heart or your body, this is a sign to leave the situation.
  • Write down what you are feeling and what is causing you stress.
  • Make a decision to look at your life. Look at triggers that cause you to mess up. Make a decision that you are not going to make the same mistakes over and over again. Let your mind be in control and not your heart. Do not make mistakes and want to hurt others but if you mess up, fix it.
  • Use meditation and karmic cleansing to get rid of negative karma.


Some of the best meditation to get rid of bad karma is Atma Kriya yoga. You can do this to get rid of past mistakes and to heal your karma.

This kind of yoga is spiritual and can help you to live your better life.


If you have troubles you can talk to a therapist to help you. This can help you to get rid of negative emotions and to be stronger in your life.

When Others Hurt You

You cannot get bad karma when others hurt you. You will see that they will get the same negative karma back at them when they make bad choices.


If you are worried that you have bad karma, pay attention to your life. Find out what you did to get bad karma and work to fix the situation and to better your life. You can heal yourself and live your better life by learning lessons and moving forward in what you do.

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