How to Purify Your Home

purify your home

Cleaning your house is important but everything around you is full of energy and the energy is even in the air that we breath. This is why its important that you cleanse your home and your space so that you can get rid of negativity. This can help you to be more thankful for what you have going on in your life.

Places like Japan find purifying very important, and they have different rituals that they do. They will even cleanse themselves before they enter certain buildings, and they will have visitors to cleanse themselves as well. These are things that happen that allow you to become one with the world around you in a positive way and to keep the area sacred.

Here are some ways that you can purify your home:

  • Palo Santo

This is an herb that means, “Wood of the saints.” It has been used in different rituals from healing to cleansing. It was used even in ancient times in the Inca empire. It has different properties that can help to bring healing and cleansing, and it is only harvested from dead trees that died naturally.

  • Using Palo Santo to Cleanse

You can light a stick of Palo Santo and let it burn for at least a minute. Whatever room that you want to cleanse, blow out the stick in that room and let the smoke fill the space. You can even do this in closed spaces and corners. Ask the spirit guides to bless your home and protect you. Be thankful for the smoke.

  • Salt Cleanse

Salt cleansing has been used and needs to be used with a spirit of thankfulness. This is a Shinto tradition, and it can lift your mood. You can also do a bath ritual where you bath in salt water. Japanese practices called mori-Shio also use salt where they pile it around doorways to get rid of negativity.

  • Using Mori-Shio

You can do your own Mori-Shio by putting a small pile of salt at your front door and it will not let negative energy get in. Another idea is to sprinkle salt in each corner of the room or to cleanse objects with salt. Leave it out for a couple days before you get rid of it.

  • Incense Cleanse

There are traditions all over the world that use incense and in Japan, this has been done since the sixth century. It would be done for the emperor before he left the court. Egyptians also used this method and would use it for healing rituals. Babylonians would use incense to call on the spirits. This is often burned to have scents in your home but also has great properties such as antibacterial qualities. You can use this by opening the window and lighting it to clear the air.

  • Using Incense to Cleanse

Light one end of the incense and let it sit for at least 20 seconds. Blow it out and then put it in a holder and let it burn until it goes completely out.

  • Tuning Fork Cleanse

Sound is used for many things, and it has many benefits when it comes to healing. This is something that has been used for years and years. It was even used in Greece during ancient times to help treat sleeping disorders and to heal the sick.

There are certain sounds that can help to get rid of stress in the air and you can use a tuning for to help increase your vibrations so that you can see into the spiritual world.

  • Using a Tuning for Cleansing

Find a place to sit while holding your tuning fork. Set a strong intention about getting your space cleansed. Tap the tuning fork against something solid like a crystal. While the sound moves around the room, close your eyes, and meditate. Do this as often as you need to.

  • Essential Oil Cleanse

Essential oils can be used to help cleanse your area. The best way to enjoy the essential oils is to put them in a diffuser. This can put a good aroma into your area and as the oils go into the air, it can get rid of impurities.

  • Using Essential Oils for Cleansing

Put your oils in a diffuser and add water. Don’t overuse the essential oils and only a few drops are needed. Let it blast out a mist and cleanse your area.

  • Air Cleansing

One of the easiest ways that you can cleanse your area is to open the windows and let the fresh air come into the home. Open your windows each morning to let the air move throughout your home. This will help you to breathe fresh air and will bring positive energies into your home and your body.


  1. The inclusion of both physical actions, like salt cleansing, and metaphysical elements, such as asking spirit guides for blessings, offers a holistic approach to home purification. It’s interesting to see how these practices are rooted in different cultures.

  2. The article provides a comprehensive guide on various traditional cleansing rituals from different cultures. It highlights the importance of purifying one’s living space for better mental and emotional well-being.

  3. Opening windows to allow fresh air in as a form of cleansing is a simple yet effective method. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the most basic actions can have significant benefits for our well-being.

  4. I appreciate the diversity of methods presented for cleansing a home, from using Palo Santo to tuning forks. Each technique seems to have a unique historical and cultural background, adding depth to their significance.

  5. The idea of using sound for cleansing, particularly with tuning forks, is fascinating. It shows how various cultures have utilized sound for spiritual and healing purposes, and it’s something worth exploring further.


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