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Saving the Friendship

As we all know, friendships pass through phases. It’s just a part of the human condition.  Every relationship has its up and downs.  However, sometimes a friendship can be challenged to the point that it seems there will be no return. It could be a huge fight or even huger disagreement, it could be the thing that destroys your friendship forever.

If you want to salvage your friendship, there will be some intense work that has to be done. It may be necessary to make a clean breast of it and moving forward with the a plan to make it past the challenges and rescue your friendship.

Choose to make necessary repairs

Before you go through all of the heavy lifting, both of you have to make the choice that you want to stay friends. Really think about it. Are you fully committed to making this work?  If so, then you can start to do all of the repairs.

Discuss the conflict

Have a serious conversation and get everything out in the open. Discuss every single thing you feel and think about the conflict.  Don’t leave anything out unless it’s truly hurtful.  Make sure everything is said.  You have to get it all out before you move on.

Let the past, pass

Once all of the talking has been done, truly commit to never mentioning it again. It’s all out in the open, so you don’t have to bring it up anymore.  Put it behind you and move on.  When you agree to this, you can move on without reliving the past hurt. If you have really forgiven each other, there is no reason to bring it up again.

Gently move back into the friendship

It is only natural that you won’t feel as close to your friend as you once were.  Don’t be disappointed if you can’t just move seamlessly back to where you once were.   If you used to be in constant contact before the disagreement, ease back in by casually meeting once a week or so.  Keep in touch via text or email instead of calling. This will help slowly rebuild the relationship.  It will take time, but you will eventually be back to the closeness you once shared.

If you are uncertain about areas of your relationship with friends or other loved ones, you can always consult a love psychic to guide you through the repairs of your friendship.

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