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How To Save The Friendship?

 With no exception, friendships go through ups and downs just like other relationship out there. Sometimes, bonds between pals can be severely challenged with trials that seem like they could be friendship-ending situations. Are you and a friend having a major fight or disagreement that could pull you apart for good? Are you hoping your connection remains a forever bond? If so, it’s worth going through the emotional work to save your friendship.

If you and a friend find yourself in tough times, you may consider wiping the slate clean and moving forward with the understanding that you’re certainly going to try to fully transcend the situation that almost tore you apart. Follow this four-step plan to help save your friendship.

1. Make the Choice to Repair the Bond
Before anything else, you have to choose to stay friends. The great thing about friendships is that you don’t have to have them—you get to decide who you let into your inner circle. (Unlike family members who, for better or for worse, you’re kind of stuck with.) If you make the move to save your friendship, commit to it and go for it. If you’re unsure, dig deep to find out if you really believe that this friendship is worth saving. There’s no point in trying to move forward if you’re not truly committed to remaining friends.

2. Hash Out Your Conflict
Talk it out and get everything out. Leave no thought or emotion unturned as you and your friend get down to the nitty-gritty of the conflict at hand. Leave nothing left unsaid (unless it’s really, really, really hurtful, rude or emotionally damaging, of course). The point is to make sure that you got out everything you needed to say and that your friend did, too.

3. Agree to Put the Past Behind You
Now that you’ve hashed it all out, commit to not talking about the situation again. You’ve both said your peace. You both know how the other person feels. Now, it’s time to put it all behind you and move forward. By agreeing to not bring up the past, you help keep the relationship from revolving around the situation that almost drove you apart. If you really believe you can forgive each other, there’s really no reason to talk about the past again anyway.

4. Ease Back Into the Relationship
If you really angered, disappointed or betrayed your friend or vice versa, chances are that you don’t feel as close as you once were. That’s to be expected. Therefore, don’t assume that you’ll go from being super close, to being super mad at each other to being super close again. Instead, take things slow. Go for coffee once a week instead of hanging out every day. Text instead of calling for a while. This way, you can build back trust in each other and you won’t feel upset by the fact that you don’t feel as tight anymore. With time, you can begin to increase the intensity of your friendship and you’ll eventually get back to a place of intimacy that feels like what you had before.

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