Kinds of Angels

Kinds of Angels

There are different kinds of angels that you might see throughout our life. The different angels have different characteristics. Here is a guide of the different angels that you might see.


This is an angel name that means, “brother.” This is an archangel that is a male and that plays music. They are normally seen holding some kind of instrument. This kind of angel will have 6 large wings that are yellow and blue in color and with feathers.

This angel will wear a robe that has warrior clothing under it and then a bright colored cape over it.


Cherubs are normally seen as male, and they are small and infantile. They have wings that are feathered, and they are seen naked or with a swath around their middle area.

These angels are known in paintings and collectables, and they are often part of renaissance art.


Uriel is an angel that has tan colored wings. This is an adult male angel but is feminine looking. The angel will have a crown or a halo and is dressed in high necked clothes that go to the floor and are long sleeved. They also will wear green or brown robes.


Hashmal is an angel that isn’t very known. This is an angel that speaks fire and is known to reflect the words that they speak. This can be a male angel that has flames or orbs surrounding it. He is a bright angel that might make you feel blinded when you look at him.


This angel has 6 wings that are extremely large. This can be an adult female or male angel and the wings are there to cover the whole body.

The wings are so large that only the feet and the head of this angel is seen when they are standing around due to the covering of their wings.

No Winged Angels

Some angels do not even have wings. Some believe that all angels have to have wings, but this isn’t how it really is. These angels are there, and they are normally white or colored and they have a strong aura.

Invisible Angels

Angels are sometimes seen and sometimes they aren’t. Some angels are invisible, and they are only there to work behind the scenes. Just because you don’t see an angel doesn’t mean that you won’t hear them speak to you. Always be open to listen.

Final Thoughts

What kinds of angels do you know about? Always know that there are angels that are surrounding you and they are there to help you and to keep you safe and guide you on the right path in your life.