Magically Improve Your Sex Life


Good sex is for everybody

How’s your sex life these days? If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing it could be better. Maybe you wish it were more active, adventurous, or simply more satisfying. The good news is, YOU have the ability to improve your sex life. You have the power to upgrade your sexual experiences. And it doesn’t require studying the Kama Sutra or buying any kinky gadgets (though they are fun).

All you have to do is break free from some negative feelings that are probably floating around in your psyche. You probably never noticed the feelings of jealousy, guilt, shame, laziness, and fear that are tied to sex in your mind. These types of feelings are usually ingrained in us early, leading to a lackluster sex life and an unwillingness to explore our sexual desires.


First of all, it’s not your fault that you struggle to put much effort into sex. If it hasn’t been enjoyable in the past, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do it again or try to make it better. Try to imagine what a positive sexual encounter would be like. Use this daydream to motivate you to change what you’re doing in the bedroom for the better.


The fear of failure is a natural human response to any new challenge. The intimacy associated with sex only magnifies this fear in us, keeping us from trying new things. But how amazing would it be if you succeeded? Isn’t that feeling of satisfaction worth the attempt? How much happier would you feel tomorrow if you had amazing sex tonight? And this is just one hurdle you can overcome. Once you learn how to face your fears and overcome them, how many other hurdles in your life could you defeat? Make this step one to improving your entire life, one challenge at a time.


Why do you want a better sex life? Is it for yourself? Or is it because someone else around you seems to have a great sex life and you envy them? You cannot work on you if you’re busy focusing on someone else and what they have. For all you know, whatever they are doing won’t even be fun for you. Plus, you cannot build on what you have if you cannot see it. Look at where you are and be appreciative. Think about what you already know you like; and focus on building from that foundation. You can’t see where you’re going if you’re looking at the next car.


Sex is one of our most basic instincts. It is a natural, biological act that we have only become more creative with over time. Do not let negativity and shame make you feel like you are doing it wrong. Blaming yourself or your partner is not sexy and will not help you fix the situation. Instead, think positive. Think about the parts of sex that you do enjoy and go from there. Maybe the heavy petting is the best part of your sexual encounters right now. That’s completely fine. Work with that and explore it until you both find more sexual activities you enjoy.


Rage and anger are such wasteful emotions. They require so much of our energy and rarely contribute to any solutions. Your disappointment is valid, but anger alone is not the answer. Use that energy to design a positive plan to make your sex life better.


This is a common sentiment among people having lackluster sex on a regular basis. You know you’re not satisfied, but you don’t really know what you want. It’s probably because you never really took the time to explore sexually, and now you feel it’s too late to admit you don’t know what you like. Perhaps you have low self-esteem and don’t feel like you are attractive enough to deserve good sex. For whatever reason, your environment has not been very open or positive about the act of sex itself. This can leave you feeling guilty about your own curiosity, frustrated by your lack of knowledge, and regretful that you didn’t figure this out sooner.

Stop all that negativity today. Just because your past was in darkness, does not mean your future can’t be sex-positive. Resolve today to move in a different direction. You may be surprised to hear that a Love Psychic can be a helpful mentor on this journey. They can help you unblock your obstacles and have amazing sex for the rest of your life.