How to Use Spiritual Unity to Make Your Relationship Last

Spiritual Unity

In the beginning, falling in love is magical and new. It is a refreshing emotion as you move toward your love.  Everything in the world seems to fall away as you have found your soulmate.

But, as time goes by, this rush of love seems to disappear, and you may begin to wonder if you just imagined the rush of emotion and love.    After you fall in love and move back to the day-to-day minutiae of your regular life, the bloom of freshness will fall away.

You should nourish your relationship and soul to keep this from happening and maintain your love. This involves work.

There are a few things you can do to help keep the romance and unity in your life:

  • You can turn your fights into solutions. It is a myth that all lovers have a blissful existence.  Fighting doesn’t mean your relationship is bad or toxic.   Fights don’t have to be obstacles.   Instead, work on the problem as a team and, as a team, finds the solution.  This will nurture your relationship by giving you a new level of honesty and clarity.
  • Spend your time together nourishing your souls.In our busy lives, finding time to spend together is hard.  You can maximize the benefits of your unity by growing together spiritually. For example, you can meditate together or enjoy nature by taking a long walk.  You can also explore mutual interests by watching a documentary or art film together. This effort will help you grow together, mind and soul.  It is important that you spend your time together constructively.
  • Know each other’s energy.As you and your partner grow together, you begin to know each other on a deeper level. You are functioning well as a team, and you respect each other’s intellectual growth.  The next step is to become intimate with your partner’s energy field.  Simply put, your personal energy is the combination of all of your levels of thought in conjunction with every other thing that makes you, you.   You can get in tune with your partner’s energy by just being next to them. Try lying down with them quietly, just absorbing his energy. Share the space by being together without doing anything.

Actively tuning into each other physically, spiritually, and intellectually will keep your romance fresh and alive and help you grow as human beings.