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All the Single Men

top-10-reasons-to-stay-single-1021729-TwoByOneIt is not uncommon these days for men to stay single. It is said that some men choose to stay single so that can feel free to do whatever they want, and that marriage is only a restriction on their freedom.

This eventuality leads to disappointment when you meet a man who piques your interest  only to find that not only does he not gnat to commit now, he may never commit.  Is their independence so important that they would risk being alone forever?

It is not news that to survive and thrive in a relationship, you have to compromise.  Now when you start a relationship many men do not want to part with their worldly possessions, from a ratty t-shirt from high school or their top of the line gaming system.  They do not want to run the risk of a new lady in their lives taking over and literally cleaning house.  Or, even worse, making them do it.

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Here are a few tips to avoid fights or the possibility of a break-up:

Step 1

Don’t try to control him unless you want to find yourself on the fast track to single hood.

Many men like to stay single so that they can date as many people as he wants.  Even if he truly cares about you, he may not be ready for a relationship. Just because you are ready for a commitment doesn’t mean he is. If he is not ready, don’t force him.   This is a good way to lose him altogether.

Just because  his priorities are different doesn’t mean that your time with him is wasted.  Enjoy your time  together and take it slow.

Step 2


Give him some time and space. You don’t want to push him away.

Another reason  he may want to be single is that they are afraid of the expense involved with a committed relationship. Expense associated with marriage goes far past the cost of a ring and ceremony. A spouse means twice the expenses. They may feel that you, as their lifelong partner are expecting them to foot the bill for everything, not just insurance and joint costs, but totally being the sole support of the both of you.   A good way to avoid this is to be independent, let him know that you are self-sufficient.  Make him understand that you want him as part of your life and not the reason.

Step 3 

Be friends with him.

Help him feel comfortable with you.  Spend quality time doing small things such as  letting him know that a you enjoy sitting at home with him as much as you enjoy going out with him.

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