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The Advantages of Not Living Together

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Are you thinking about moving in with your partner? 

Keeping the mystery alive in your relationship could be a reason not to cohabitate.  Another reason is keeping the mystery alive.  One of the key components of romance is leaving something to the imagination.    If you partner is super neat and you are incredibly messy, your romance may suffer when you bring these two personality types together.

But you may also see the good side; you love being together, wouldn’t living together be ideal?  This may make sense in the first stages of relationships, but living apart can also help keep things fresh. Its not just people in long term relationships that are doing this. Some couples who are married are also choosing to live apart.

Keeping your Independence

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The group LAT (Living Apart Together) is a conglomerate of people who are in committed relationships who are exclusively attached to each other, but choose to live apart.  The people in this group tout the benefits of staying independent.

The ability to take a break

Some who choose to live apart say that LAT provides them with a place to embrace their true quirky selves  without having to compromise on chores, temperatures, television volume, etc.  They can also take a break from the world without being afraid they are insulting their partner.

Having the Ability to End Things Without Entanglements

One of the prime times for couples to move in together is when they become engaged.  Whether or not they acknowledge it, this is a test of  their ability to make compromises on their living space.  This, however, can lead to other complications.  If the living situation doesn’t work out, the partnership has to dissolve all of the shared assets, not to mention having to get along with someone you are not in love with.

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Appreciation for Time Spent Together

If you see someone every day, you can grow to take each other for granted. Also, you may begin to get on each others nerves for minute reasons that you would have never noticed if you weren’t together all of the time.

There are good sides of living apart. Romance may last longer because of the mystery. You can keep your independence, you can also end things if you want/need to, and you can gain a better appreciation of each other.

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