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Palm Reading Guide

Palm Reading GuideThough palm reading is often called little more than a parlor trick, it is actually an ancient form of divination. It is much more personal than things like using runes or tarot reading and more flexible than a birth chart, as it can reveal what has been with us since birth and what may be ahead in our future.

As with most practices, palmistry has different forms, some of which are more complicated than others. A highly, in-depth reading may consider finger lengths and proportions, among other factors for a more accurate reading.

This guide is about the bare basics in regards to the palm’s major and minor lines which is much less daunting. Anyone can read a palm, but as the reading goes deeper, intuition must be trusted more. Being psychic is highly helpful.

Life Lines

The life line is the first of three major lines. This line is a big deal because it is indicative of health and life path. Though some will tell you otherwise, it does not dictate death. The life line does not move around, but it can grow or change shape if health habits are altered.

Look for the depth of the line to determine how easy or difficult life will be. When it branches upward it refers to positive changes or recovery, though downward tends to lean toward the negative. Seeing a complete break may mean an accident or other sudden change occurred or will occur.

Head Line

Another major line, the head line is considered the most important in palmistry for the Chinese. Also known as the wisdom line, it represents everything mental in life. This includes things like intelligence, willfulness, intuition, and for some, how you react to or receive information when it is shared. When the line has waves, it implies a creative person, but a single curve is indicative of idealism and curiosity. A line that appears completely straight points to meticulousness and being practical or could mean the person is materialistic or has this type of lean.

Look for the length in this line as an indicator of how actions and decisions are generally approached. If the line is longer then the person will be methodical, but shorter lines are more impulsive people. Deep lines mean a strong memory and faint lines tend to show a struggle to focus on any activity. If there is a break in this line then mental strife is likely to happen.

Heart Line

The heart line is often called the love line. Some believe this points toward and predicts romantic love, but it can also show how you approach heart matters and emotions. This can include with family, friends, or any significant others. This line can have different placements and that is important. If it starts below the index finger, you have a selective, yet satisfying love approach. If it begins under the middle finger, then you are likely more selfish, possibly insatiable, toward love and affection.

Look for deep lines to show that much is invested in your loving relationships. A faint line leans more toward an aloof attitude and a disinterest in love. Forking in this line reveals the ability to balance emotions with logic and breaks show personal, emotional issues. A strong curve means you are perfectly comfortable expressing emotions, whatever they may be.

Relationship Line

Similar to the heart line, this is not just about romantic relationships or the number you may have in life. It is more focused on how commitment is handled. Look for deep, longer lines to show that you enjoy long-term commitments. A shorter or faint line points toward experiencing on-again/off-again type relationships in your life.

Fate Line

The fate line, sometimes known as the destiny line, is thought to never change by some, but others believe it can change over time. It represents the influences in your path, including personal choices, career, and even ancestry. Breaks in this particular line show major loss or bad luck, but a double line can mean a highly successful career.

Health Line

The life line indicates overall health, but the health line can show what you are can do as a healer. The more visible this line appears, the more of a natural caretaker you likely are. Those in service or healing professions will likely have a very clear line. Breaks can indicate a personal illness or an illness of a loved one, but a frayed line shows an illness that has come and gone.

Simian Line

The simian line is rare and happens when the love and head line connect. It is also highly significant, especially when appearing on both hands as the qualities are much more pronounced. Those who have one or both simian lines will struggle to separate decisions from emotions. The presence of the line points toward a controlling type of personality, especially when in a relationship.

Bracelet Line

The bracelet lines are not technically on the palm, but on the underside of the wrist. They reveal the level of balance between the mental, physical, and spiritual self. Most people will see three lines, though some may see four which shows a long life. Solid, deep lines can demonstrate a healthy, prosperous life, but less than three lines are indicative of grave circumstances that are soon to come or overall poor health.

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