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Psychic Protection

If you have ever travelled and you feel like you need to shower right when you get home to get rid of all of the negative things of your trip, the same thing can happen when you are around people or when you are feeling negative emotions.

When we have these feelings, we can use spiritual baths to help us feel better and to allow us to release this psychic energy and allow our bodies to feel better.

Water washing is something that can release negative energies and can be a good method of cleaning your energy.

Washing with water might seem like something intuitive but people that wash with air need to consider washing with water to cleanse the aura.  This can help people to feel better and to have better energies that are natural and that build throughout the day.

Releasing these energies from our energy field can make our spirit balanced and can cleanse and clear our beings and can strengthen our emotional and spiritual state.

Water can help us to release our emotions and to return to a state of mind that is peaceful and balanced.

When you take a spiritual bath, you release things that do not help you in your life.  This helps you to relax and to be peaceful.

Doing a Spiritual Bath

There are different steps that you can take to do a spiritual bath, and this is how to do it:


First, make sure that you are grounded, and you can do this by visualize yourself in a place that makes you happy.  Imagine that a root goes from your feet to the top of your head.  Imagine that you are happier than you have ever been.

This will help you to feel grounded.


Next, imagine that you are going to get in the bath and that you have all the negative energies ready to move out of your body.  Imagine these energies floating away from you and that your aura is cleared.

Release and let go of anything that is unforgiving to yourself and learn to have self-love and understanding.


When you go to get into the bath, make sure that you are calling for your energy.  Imagine that your energy is coming back to you.

Watch how your soul is reacting and call on your spirit guides to help you.  Focus on love and prosperity and warmth.  Be comforted and think of your bath as success.

Once you are prepared for your spiritual bath, talk about the different things that your spirit can gain from this bath and make sure that it is a positive experience for you.

Spiritual Baths

There are many different types of spiritual baths that you can take.  Here are a few of them:

Herbal Baths

You can take a bath and add herbs to it for spiritual cleansing.  Think about how flowers are part of nature and what will happen when you add them to your life.  Add them to your bath so that you can absorb their powers and you can restore your energies.

Each flower has a different meaning and each one plays a role in nature.  Use these to restore your energies.  Immerse yourself in the flowers and ask the spirit to restore your energy and bring you joy.

Flowers are gentle and feminine and so when you add them to your bath you will know that there are healing herbs that can be found right in your cabinet.

If you have flowers from a tea bag add them to your bath as you are filling your water.

Using a teabag can help to add herbs to the bath.  Make sure the paper is biodegradable.  Use loose floras in the bath and imagine how nice this can look and cleansing it can be to your body.  You can concentrate on your bath and use oils on top of it to help make it better.

Salt Bath

A salt bath will absorb the salt in your skin, and this can clear your mind and your body.  When your pores open you will be able to get the healing properties that come from the salt and will go to your spiritual being.

Salts are needed to help you survive and are part of the earth.  There are different kinds of salts that you can use in your bath including:

  • Epsom salt
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Celtic Salt

Each of these salts can ground you, charge your energy and relax you.

This is a different kind of salt and it can be used to dissolve in the essential oils and can prepare the bath and make everything soothing.  There are more energies with the salt and people will sometimes even add crystals to their bath for healing on top of the salt.

You might need to have a spiritual bath so that you can get rid of elements in your life and charge your ions and crystals with the energy field.  You can benefit from using crystals in the tub and you can create a salt bath with herbs and crystals and oils so that you can use this bath to ground yourself or to benefit yourself.

Psychic Showers

Meditating is something that can keep you rooted and grounded in life so imagine that you are being rooted to the earth and that the roots are going through your feet.

When you enter into, the shower you can see your energies increase and once you step in, imagine your aura is being washed and that the negative energies are falling off of you.

Imagine the energy washing down the drain and thank your spirit guides and the universe for accepting your negative energies and cleansing you.

Add herbs into the shower and make sure that the steam reaches your pores and that your pores will open up and that the fragrance will infuse in your pores.

Add healing salt to the shower and salts and add herbs to your mixture so that you can dissolve into the water and you can release your energies that are negative.

You can drain the water after you have your energies renewed and take the old energy and release it into the water and take yourself out of the water completely.

When to Take a Psychic Bath

No matter what is going on, you can take a psychic bath no matter what.  You can have a spiritual bath if you have had a hard week or if you feel that you need to have cleansing.

Now that you know the basics of a cleansing bath, you need to use this to increase your intuition and you need to make sure that you get guidance like this to other people.  Doing this can release your negative energies and can cleanse your aura to keep your life strong.

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