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Psychic readings for children

Psychic readings for childrenSome parents bring their kids to a psychic for a psychic reading. They may ask for advice or guidance in difficult times. Sometimes, it can be the idea of the child. But usually, it is the idea off the parents who may be interested in how can they shape their children lives in the best way possible. They may need to look at their kids’ education or career’s options. They also may be worried about their kids’ future and personal relationships, and if their children will settle down. What about their career careers? Will they take the right career path? Psychic readings for children can also provide parents with comfort they need in regard with their kids’ health, physical and mental growth.

Children health and physical growth

Children physical health may indicate specific needs. Your children may be not able to express their needs and vocalize it, so instead, they express it by showing you their needs through some health issues they may experience.

Here is a simple guide on how to understand your children’s needs through observing your child’s health and physical growth.

Common medical conditions:

Middle Ear Infection

Ear infection may reflect your child’s need to be heard. Your children grab your attention to listen to them

A Fever

Fever reflects your child’s need for your valuable time. They need to spend more time with you. Your children may also claim their right to be your number one priority.

Common Cold

Common cold may reflect your child’s need for healthy food and favorite meals. Their health require homemade recipes, fresh juices and soup.


Cough may represent your child’s need to be more taken care of. They can’t express how they feel. They may be upset and can’t vocalize their feelings. It is time to be more attentive to your child and make them feel they count and to bring them gentleness and kindness.


Head lice is a way for your children to express their feelings of being neglected physically and emotionally. Your kid want to spend more time playing and connecting with their parents. They want to spend some time in their parent’s lab to remove the lice. They want to feel their parent’s gentle hand in their hair.

Cuts and Scrapes

Especially graze on the knee. It’s a way for your child to express their need to let them go and try new things. They need to grow mentally and they need more space and privacy to discover new things. The parents always think that their kids are not ready, but they don’t understand that trying new things is important for their kids’ growth. A graze on the right knee is associated with father’s fear to let her kids go, and the left knee is associated with the mother.

Head Bumps

Kids want to tell you that they need more guidance and care. They need to do different things. They feel bored. They are curious to discover real new things.

Stubbed Toes

Your child wants to feel more secure. They need your assistance to get through difficult times. No matter how big or small the problem is. They need someone they trust to rely on.

Travel sickness

They indicate their dissatisfaction toward something. They can’t voice their feelings and they want to let you know through travel sickness symptoms.

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