Putting Your Angels to Work

Putting Your Angels to Work

Most believe that angels no longer visit the earth or they do, but on very rare occasion. Sometimes, those who are considered holy will see photos of light beings and claim it is a hoax or edited, but the Bible says these things should not be surprising as we could be entertaining angels without realizing it. If you want to entertain angels and allow them to work for you, then you must agree with God, the Word, and take action to manifest so they can help you with God’s plan.

Below are the steps to get started:

Speak the Word Over Your Life

In Hebrews 1, God tells us that angels come to minister, but before they can take action, we must speak God’s Word. This is because as a child of God, we have permission and authority to speak to the angels, but only through the positive words of the Bible.

Command Your Angels

We can command angels if we know who we are in Christ and the authority we hold on earth and in the supernatural. Angels and demons must adhere to commands because of our position in Christ. We have access to the same angels Jesus did when Satan tempted Him in the desert and we can command them and ask for things according to the Word.

Pray for Angel Deployment

When you ask God to deploy angels, you are asking that they be sent to help and He will. Just because you do not see the angels does not mean they are not present. Ask for help or protection each day or several times a day for a specific task, like travel, work, or whatever.

Call on Jesus’ Name

The name of Jesus draws the attention of angels. Angels stand at the throne of Jesus every day, so they know Him and His name well. We need to understand how to use that name and all the authority and presence it holds.

Thank God

Being thankful and having an attitude of gratitude can get you to the high courts of Heaven. Our authority gets us little, but the thankfulness and humbleness toward who God is, what Jesus has done, is what gives us full access. There are some courts Jesus has to enter for us because we lack understanding.

Take time to pray, to humble yourself, and call out to God to send angels. This is what they are for and angels are always willing to help when it comes to the Word of God. You may not ever see them and at times it may not feel like they are present, but if you are humble and have called, then they are by your side. They will help you stay on the path God has intended and plead your case as needed because you are a child of God. The angels are real, God is real, and as a child of God you have a direct link to both. Never give up, keep calling and believing.