Removing Energy Blocks

Removing Energy Blocks

Whether you want to believe your home is energy block free or not, there are blocks. Unless regular smudging and other cleansing techniques are used, there are probably certain areas in your home that are keeping  you from moving forward in specific areas of life. However, we are largely under quarantine so this is a great time to change those blocks. Though being stuck at home can be emotionally exhausting and we may want it to end yesterday, lightworkers understand that this time is important for self-healing and contributing to healing part of the universe as a whole. Since this is the case, we do our part and stay inside.

However, this does not mean that this forced time cannot be used advantageously. Some may choose to use the time to meditate more or practice psychic exercises. Some may jumpstart a personal power by removing energy blocks that have accumulated, but so far been ignored. If this is the case, we can help you get started.

Sensing Energy Blocks

Before taking on energy blocks, you have to be able to find them. While some are easy to recognize, others are a bit more difficult to sense. It is much more difficult to find energy blocks when there is too much going on around the area. You may struggle to find the block if:

  • The television is on, even in the background
  • New about the pandemic is on all the time
  • Loud music is playing
  • Social media has your attention
  • Others are in the room using any form of digital communication

This boils down to a need to shut everything off in order to tackle energy problems. Sit still, in silence to sense the feelings with everything off. If you can enjoy this, then it is a positive sign. However, if you get uncomfortable or distracted, then there is an energy issue.

Common Sources

When it comes to energy blocks, there are a few places it is more likely to occur. These will be described below.

Memories and Mementos

If you store things with emotions attached to them, good and bad, then these items hold energy. They are meaningful, but can take you back and hold you in a previous emotional time. If you rarely view the item(s) and they are hidden in a closet somewhere, question why. If it is because of the emotions stirred up when around it, then it may be time to cleanse that energy.

Cluttered Area

If you have a room or area that always seems to collect junk, like a desk, drawer, or closet, then energy is not able to get through this area. In fact, it is likely you have not tackled this are because you can feel the energy around it. Another major source of this energy block is bags and boxes that have not been used for many years and are collecting dust. Get rid of it and clear the energy for the area.

Avoided Rooms

When a home has good energy, you feel good no matter which room you happen to be in at the moment. If there is an area you subconsciously avoid because of memories or general feelings, then a block is likely present. If a whole room seems to have a block, start with that room.

Solving Blockages

Now that the problem areas have been identified, we can correct them. Start by eliminating things that cause the blocks or at least distancing yourself from them. Try going through a drawer and tossing everything that has not been used in a year. Even if just tossing the things you no longer want, you will likely feel lighter. Expand this to all the areas that feel blocked.

There will be times we run across boxes of sentimental things that do not make us feel good, but we cannot toss. This is often those things from loved ones who have passed on. While these may cause grief at the moment, that grief will pass and feelings change. In cases like this, put them in a garage or storage building where you do not constantly feel the energy effects.

There is also the option of using metaphysical means to clear a given space. Try smudging your house, especially where blockages are sensed. There are also crystals like black tourmaline or black obsidian that can lessen negative energy for certain blocks. Place these in blocked areas as part of décor.