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Scientist Says that Psychics are Real

sceWould you still say that psychics are not for real when a scientific study shows that they are? Yes, they’re real!

Credibility has been given to psychics through a recent scientific  study.  This includes a healers ability to see a person’s aura as well as the ability to feel what someone else is feeling.   This scientific proof has come through a study of  the neurological condition synesthesia.  According to the University of Granada study, published in the prestigious journal Consciousness and Cognition:

Many people attribute “paranormal powers” to El Santón, such as his ability to see the aura of people “but, in fact, it is a clear case of synesthesia”, the researchers explain.
El Santón presents face-color synesthesia (the brain region responsible for face recognition is associated with the color-processing region); touch-mirror synesthesia (when the synesthete observes a person who is being touched or is experiencing pain, s/he experiences the same); high empathy (the ability to feel what other person is feeling), and schizotypy (certain personality traits in healthy people involving slight paranoia and delusions).
“These capacities give synesthetes the ability to make people feel understood, and provide them with special emotion and pain reading skills”


Synesthesia is responsible for people to be able to see smells or hear colors and is the result of a kind of cross-wiring in the brain.   Those with this condition  have a different perspective on the world.   Through treatment , these people can use this condition as a gift to enhance their art. In fact, artistic genuises such Kandinsky and Tesla had synesthesia.

According to the scientific study, psychics can see auras because they have a form of synesthesia.

While this may be seen as a gift, those with synesthesia can be a curse.  Because synesthesia is so confusing when it comes to processing information given through the senses, those who have it can experience severe trauma and possibly become mentally ill.

Can you become a synesthete?

Synesthesia is genetic and in some cases can be gained through head trauma.  Synesthesia can develop when someone has to create or alter their neural pathways to compensate for the brain trauma.   It is possible to gain synesthesia by meditating or taking mind altering drugs.

While this study does not explicitly say that all kinds of psychic ability is linked to brain trauma it is possible to become in tune with other sensory input by improving your brain function.

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